Healthy Foundations’ Comfort Matrix Construction

Why is our Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress so comfortable that 96% of its over 400 reviewers would recommend it to a friend? It’s quite simply due to our unique proprietary Comfort Matrix Construction™. What is our Comfort Matrix Construction™ and why is it so comfortable?

Our 5-layer Comfort Matrix Construction™ starts with two layers of our boutique memory foam – a 2″ layer of 4-lb density foam followed by 2″ of 5-lb density foam.  This memory foam is made by a small boutique memory foam manufacturer that specializes in memory foam.  Its open cell construction increases air flow by 95% and wicks away heat and moisture three times more than traditional memory foam.  The base foams are 2.3-lb density airflow top configuration base foams.  These base foams are a higher density than found in less expensive memory foam mattresses (1.5 – 1.8-lb densities are common) and are designed to increase airflow.  The bottom base foam has an IFD/ILD of 50 and the base foam above it has an IFD/ILD of 31 (firmer foams have higher numbers).  The final layer of the 5-layer Comfort Matrix Construction™ is the CoolMax™ cover which also helps our memory foam mattress sleep cooler.  (Just 1/2 of 1% of our returns are for the mattress sleeping too hot – a common problem for many memory foam mattresses that we have improved upon.)

So if you are thinking about a quality memory foam mattress, please check out the Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress.  With its unique proprietary construction and its high quality foams, no wonder 96% of its reviewers would recommend it to a friend.

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