Super Green Mattress: The Natural Latex Mattress

Looking for a green mattress that doesn’t pack down to nothing or feel like you are sleeping on twigs? Then check out a 100% all-natural latex mattress. Sure there are other green mattress materials, like cotton or wool, but cotton packs down to a firm, packed pancake and wool still needs a good mattress base beneath it.  Latex is supremely comfortable and durable and provides great green qualities to go with its comfort.

A 100% all-natural mattress is antibacterial, dust mite-free, and hypoallergenic.  It is made from rubber tree sap and that provides it with its unique green, botanical qualities.  It is a great choice for those with allergies or those looking for a greener mattress than traditional mattresses.

There is one “buyer beware” to this.  You have to do your homework.  A mattress labelled “natural” latex may actually only containing a small amount of all natural latex and the rest is synthetic.  If you are looking for a truly all-natural latex mattress, be sure to ask, “Is there any synthetic latex in this mattress?” before you buy.

To learn more about natural latex mattresses, including the difference between synthetic and all-natural latex, check out our Latex Buyer’s Guide.

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