A Natural Latex Mattress is Completely Recyclable

Are you thinking about a natural latex mattress and all the benefits it can provide? A 100% all-natural latex mattress is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite-free. It is also extremely comfortable. If those are not enough great reasons to think about an all-natural latex mattress, here is one more… Since an all-natural latex mattress is completely botanical and made from the sap of a rubber tree, it is completely recyclable. That is another great benefit of a natural latex mattress.

A natural latex mattress has a lot of great benefits, but it is important to understand that a lot of latex that is being labeled as “natural” is actually man-made or synthetic latex.  Many companies call their mattress a natural latex mattress when it is actually has just a small amount of natural latex and the rest of the latex is synthetic or man-made.  This distinction is often purposely vague and unclear.  If you really want to make sure the natural latex mattress you are interested in is all natural, ask if there is any synthetic latex in it.

If you want the unique qualities and comfort of a natural latex mattress, remember that it also has the unique ability to be completely recycled and is a great green alternative to other mattresses.

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