Does Memory Foam Sleep Hot?

Here’s a question we had today from someone wanting to know if our memory foam sleeps hot:


“I enjoyed your website and found it very informative, but have one question. I have a too firm mattress about 2 years old and have tried various toppers, including a memory foam topper that I bought at Linens and things. It was comfortable at first, but became unbearably hot throughout the night, and I’m usually very cold-natured!. I had to throw it out and now have an alternative down topper that’s better than just the mattress, but I am very achy in the morning and toss and turn all night. … My husband can sleep on almost anything, but if the topper’s too hot, it’s just not going to work. I didn’t see any testimonials about temperature. Can you give me some info??”


I don’t know what type of foam the Linens and Things topper was, but we don’t have any complaints about the Healthy Foundations memory foam topper sleeping hot. I think the reason is that our memory foam pads are an open cell foam – and this keeps the heat from building up and being a problem. I sleep on our pad and I never feel warm at ordinary room temperatures. If I travel during the summer (I take my pad with me) and the room is over 75 and humid, it can be somewhat warmer but still usually not uncomfortable.

One thing you can do, though, if you feel the pad is warmer than you like it to put a quilted mattress pad on top of the topper pad. This extra, quilted layer will make it a bit cooler, and it shouldn’t detract much from the feel of the foam as long as the quilted pad is fairly thin.

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