Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar 2006 – A Very Mixed Bag

I just spent last weekend at Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar 2006. I thought about reviewing it in this blog but after I started putting down my thoughts I saw that I had so much material that I put it all up on a separate web page – My Days at Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar 2006.

The quick bottom line? The first days speakers were so underwhelming that I almost gave up and asked for my refund (I was frantically trying to remember the code name I had to ask for to get my money back). But I’m glad I stuck it out since there were two terrific speakers in the morning on the second day and another on the third day.

3 good speakers out of 11 isn’t what I expected, and there were hardly any sort of “underground secrets” revealed during seminar, but there was just enough interesting points to make the experience worthwhile. But I would have been a whole lot happier had each of the speakers brought to the seminar the type of information these three did.

For the full story, see my review at My Days at Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar 2006.

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