Moving Around On a Memory Foam Mattress

We are starting a new series of posts answering some of the questions we’ve been getting that people are having a hard time finding answers to.

Today’s question is:

How easy is it [a memory foam mattress] to move around during the night…or for other activities?


It really depends on the type of memory foam used in making the mattress. We had this issue come up fairly often when we sold the “leading brand” of memory foam many years ago. This was because their memory foam is dense and firm at room temperature – and softens a great deal when in contact with your body (your body temperature softens the foam). So where you sleep is soft, but the foam over the rest of the bed stays firm. For some people, they felt it was difficult to roll over or move on the mattress because they would be kind of cocooned in the soft foam.

But other memory foams aren’t so temperature sensitive and don’t cause this problem. For example, the foam we use in our 10″ Memory Foam Mattress is softer at room temperature, and while it softens up a bit more with your body’s temp. it doesn’t create this sort of cocooning problem. We really never get this complaint from our customers – we just don’t hear that it is difficult to move around on or that people have problems turning over at night.

How can you know if a particular memory foam mattress have this problem? It is really hard to judge from just laying down in a showroom, since with the lights and such in a showroom the temperature can be much warmer than a standard bedroom – and so the foam may feel much softer than it may when you get it home (this is a common complaint of people who try the “leading memory foam mattress” out in a store). I guess the best way to get a gauge on this is to ask the retailer how often they hear this kind of complaint from their customers – and how many returns they get due to this. You’ll have to judge for yourself if they are giving you the real story or just a story. This is another reason why it is important to have a money back guarantee on your mattress purchase. There is just more incentive for the retailer to tell you the straight story if they are offering you a money back guarantee like we do (we offer a 1 year money back on our memory foam mattress). Since the customer can easily return the mattress, there is little reason for a retailer to mislead any customer – doing so, in fact, would just end up costing him money since you can’t resell a returned mattress.

As for other activities, I’m guessing you mean “intimate” activities. And while I don’t think I want to go into too much detail here, we do get this question a fair amount – and so here’s my best shot at answering it. Memory foam mattresses don’t have springs, so they aren’t really “bouncy” like a standard bed. And the memory foam itself absorbs energy, so this decreases the “bounce” as well. I can’t say if any particular person will like or dislike this decrease in “bounce”, but it is a different feeling. Again, something you can’t judge in a store (at least without risking getting arrested), so if you need to check this out make sure you go with someone like us that offers the money back guarantee.

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