Your Options for a Good Mattress

On Shopping and Product Reviews, an unnamed writer penned the article, What Are Your Options on a Good Mattress?  My first inclination is to giggle at the title and the jokes I could make about your options “on a good mattress” (which sounds like the article is about the activities you could participate in on a good mattress).

The article is actually a review of four different types of specialty beds that are becoming more and more popular as people become aware of the importance of a comfortable bed to a good night’s sleep.

Here are the four beds the review covers:

1. Air Beds – Among the benefits of an air bed is the ability of each sleep partner to choose a different firmness setting.

2.  Adjustable Beds – Adjustable beds aren’t just for hospitals and nursing homes anymore.  The adjustable bed is gaining popularity for its versatility.

3.  Latex Beds – A natural latex mattress is comfortable and botanically derived.  Beware of imitations that are synthetically made using petrochemicals.

4. Memory Foam Bed – A memory foam mattress is incredibly comfortable and more affordable than you think if you make the right choice.

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