Memory Foam: Unnecessary in a Bra… Great for a Mattress

I saw the blog The Lisca Smart Memory Bra and had to chuckle, as did its author “Marta.”  I’m not sure whether memory foam, which is temperature sensitive and conforms to your body’s contours when you are sleeping on it, needs to be in a bra.  (The woman I saw in the bra ad photo didn’t appear to need any type of help from a bra!)

As memory foam mattresses have become more and more popular, many mattress manufacturers have jumped on the memory foam band wagon to sell any type of mattress with the word “memory foam” included.  Now, not only are mattress manufacturers looking to cash in on memory foam, but many other types of manufacturers and retailers are too.  I have found the following interesting (and sometimes hysterical) uses for memory foam – bras (that’s what got me thinking about this) dog and cat beds, slippers, furniture, office chairs (may work, but I tried one and didn’t buy it), and many others.  Since we are on the subject… Places where I love memory foam used – memory foam mattresses, memory foam topper pads, memory foam pillows.  Places where I’d like to see memory foam tried – car seats, baby car seats, sleeping bags.  (Some of this stuff may have been tried, but I haven’t seen it yet.)

I, like the author of that blog, don’t see a need for memory foam in a bra, but if you’d like to learn everything there is to know about memory foam mattresses, check out Healthy Foundations’ Guide to Memory Foam.