A Memory Foam Pillow – My Introduction to Memory Foam Mattresses

How did I get introduced to memory foam?  It was through a memory foam pillow.  I was very active and having neck pain of an unknown origin.  From the urging of a friend, I decided to give a memory foam pillow a try.  Great decision!  My neck pain left and never came back.  I love my memory foam pillow so much that I take it with me when I travel.

So what is it about memory foam and memory foam mattresses that is so great?  It’s the absolute comfort.  Memory foam is temperature sensitive.  This means, based on your body’s heat, that it gently molds to your body’s contours, reducing pressure points and eliminating the need to toss and turn to get comfortable.  When you do change positions, the memory foam “remembers” its original shape and then gently molds to your body’s shape again as you settle down.  It is comfortable and supportive no matter what position you sleep in.

At Healthy Foundations, we want you to learn as much about memory foam as you can before you make your purchase.  We offer memory foam mattresses, memory foam topper pads, and memory foam pillows.  Please read our Guide to Memory Foam to learn everything you need to know about memory foam.