Memory Foam Mattress Firmness: Soft, Firm, or Somewhere In Between?

Memory foam mattresses can come in many different firmness levels. When you are shopping for a memory foam mattress, it is important to know what type of feel you like. Memory foam can be very soft and marshmallow-like or very firm, just sinking in slightly when you lie on it.  There are multiple factors that determine how firm or soft a memory foam mattress will feel and not all of those factors are determined by the memory foam itself.  All memory foam mattresses are made in layers.  Memory foam is the top layer(s) and base foam are the bottom layer(s) that form the foundation of the mattress.  No memory foam mattress is made of just memory foam.  There is always some type of base foam beneath the memory foam.

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Memory Foam Mattresses: Myth Versus Fact

As memory foam mattresses become more and more popular, there are more and more “facts,” or should I say myths, surrounding them. Let’s separate a few of the facts from the fiction and the myths from the reality.

Myth – All memory foam “sleeps hot.”

Fact – Although memory foam has a reputation for sleeping hot based on “leading brand’s” reputation for this, some newer more high tech memory foams have turned this to fiction.  Our memory foam has an open cell construction that increases air flow by 95% over traditional memory foam and wicks away heat and moisture three times faster than traditional memory foam.  In addition, the Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress is also encased in a CoolMax cover.  CoolMax is a unique cloth by Invista that is on everything from athletic wear to bedding and wicks away heat and moisture.  Since our returns for heat are less than 1/2 of 1%, sleeping hot is simply not an issue for this memory foam mattress.

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Buying a Memory Foam Mattress: What is IFD/ILD?

When you hear about foams, particularly memory foam, you usually always hear about their densities, but density isn’t the only measurement used in assessing foams. IFD, also called ILD, is the measure of a firmness of a foam. It measures the initial deflection of the foam under a load and is used for all types of foam, everything from memory foam to car seats.

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Memory Foam Density

Most people looking for a memory foam mattress want to learn about density and what that means. Quite simply, density is how much one cubic foot (length x width x height) of foam weighs. So does that mean that all memory foam with the same density is exactly the same? If only it could be that easy. Unfortunately, it’s not.

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Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Comparison Of Different Memory Foam Mattresses

We hear from people all the time who want a direct comparison review of different memory foam mattresses.

People want to know if there is really a difference in the comfort of different memory foam mattresses, in their quality and durablilty, in their money back return policies, their business ratings, etc.

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The Top Two Most Comfortable Mattresses: Memory Foam and Natural Latex

Would you like to know what type of mattresses are rated the most comfortable? According to the top-rated sleep review site, SleepLiketheDead, it’s the memory foam mattress followed closely by the natural latex mattress.  This research is based on actual customer satisfaction data.

Although both are extremely comfortable, they are different.  A memory foam mattress conforms to your body’s shape, cradling your body and reducing pressure points.  A latex mattress has a firmer, more bouncier feel than a memory foam mattress.  It does not change its shape or conform to your body’s contours.

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Why the Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress is Unique

The Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress continues to distinguish itself from the crowd. With thousands sold, an amazing 96% of its reviewers would recommend it to a friend. What makes this mattress stand out in the crowd?

First of all, the Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress is unique because every aspect and every layer of its construction are of the highest quality.  Of course you can get memory foam mattresses that are much cheaper, but they are made with much cheaper components.  This means that they are not as comfortable and not built to last.  Our mattress has a 10-year non-prorated warranty.  Not only that, but our mattress is the only memory foam mattress in the industry that does not have a minimum sag requirement for a warranty claim.  With other companies, you have to meet their minimum requirement or your warranty claim is rejected.  Have a sag of 1.49 inches that is making you uncomfortable and the company requires a 1.5 inch sag?  Too bad – you are out of luck.  It is not that way with the Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress.  If a mattress has a sag or dip that affects your comfort, the warranty is honored.  There are no “gotcha” clauses (and very few warranty claims).

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Healthy Foundations’ Comfort Matrix Construction

Why is our Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress so comfortable that 96% of its over 400 reviewers would recommend it to a friend? It’s quite simply due to our unique proprietary Comfort Matrix Construction™. What is our Comfort Matrix Construction™ and why is it so comfortable?

Our 5-layer Comfort Matrix Construction™ starts with two layers of our boutique memory foam – a 2″ layer of 4-lb density foam followed by 2″ of 5-lb density foam.  This memory foam is made by a small boutique memory foam manufacturer that specializes in memory foam.  Its open cell construction increases air flow by 95% and wicks away heat and moisture three times more than traditional memory foam.  The base foams are 2.3-lb density airflow top configuration base foams.  These base foams are a higher density than found in less expensive memory foam mattresses (1.5 – 1.8-lb densities are common) and are designed to increase airflow.  The bottom base foam has an IFD/ILD of 50 and the base foam above it has an IFD/ILD of 31 (firmer foams have higher numbers).  The final layer of the 5-layer Comfort Matrix Construction™ is the CoolMax™ cover which also helps our memory foam mattress sleep cooler.  (Just 1/2 of 1% of our returns are for the mattress sleeping too hot – a common problem for many memory foam mattresses that we have improved upon.)

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What Makes Our Proprietary Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress Unique?

Our unique mattress, including our high quality foams and our five-layer proprietary Comfort Matrix Construction™ allows our Healthy Foundations 10” Memory Foam Mattress to provide outstanding comfort and support in the world of inferior memory foam mattresses. This unique and high quality memory foam mattress can be bought nowhere else in the world.

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Why Our Memory Foam Sleeps Cooler

We frequently get questions about why our memory foam sleeps cooler than traditional memory foams. There are a few reasons for that, including our proprietary Comfort Matrix Construction™, exclusive to our Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress.

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