Do Memory Foam Mattresses Sleep Hot?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, and it is a fair one. Back when memory foam was first introduced, they became known for sleeping hot.

In my experience this was due to both the small open cell structure of the first generation memory foams, and also at times using a cover that had a membrane built into it (to stop moisture from getting into the mattresses) that due to its lack of air flow caused people to sleep hot.

But with the latest generation of memory foams, we had almost no complaints from people that the mattress slept hot. This was because these latest generation memory foams have a much more open cell structure, and so they claim they have 95% better air flow than standard memory foams.

And this did show in our returns. Less than 1/2 of 1% were due to people complaining that the bed slept hot.

So if you like the feel of memory foam, and are concerned about it sleeping hot, make sure you ask about the type of memory foam used in the mattress. If it is one of the latest generation memory foams that offer this much more open cell structure and improved air flow, hopefully sleeping hot won't be an issue.

But to be doubly sure, read over the reviews carefully and see what people are saying about whether this particular bed sleeps hot. I asked our reviewers specifically to talk about this since I knew it was an issue so many people have concerns about, and hopefully the customers of the mattress you are researching will also be addressing this in their reviews.

Regardless, if sleeping hot is an issue with you, make sure the seller offers a good money back trial since foam does sleep warmer than a cotton topped mattress. So even if they are using a latest generation memory foam, this still may be an issue for you.