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Guo Lin Chi Gong:
Energy Exercises For Cancer

How I Got Interested In
Guo Lin Chi Gong

We have a great deal of cancer in my family. So I was very interested when I saw a documentary called the "Heart of Healing" that had a segment on Gou Lin Qigong. I had never heard of any sort of exercises before that you could do to try to help your body heal cancer, but here it was -- and over a million people in China were doing it every day.

I really was intrigued by this, and kept my ears open for anyone that might now something about this in the area where I then lived (Alexandria, VA). And by chance, I happen to hear of a woman from China visiting her daughter who practiced Guo Lin Qigong and would be happy to teach me. She had learned Guo Lin Qigong while recovering from brain cancer in a Chinese hospital, and while given a short time to live was still kicking after 7 years -- which she felt was solely due to her daily Gou Lin Qiqong practice.

I happen to be doing a community television show on Tai Chi at this time, and she agreed to come on and teach Guo Lin Qiqong -- and that way, I would have her teaching on video to share.

I now offer these videos free on the web -- to view the video please see our page - Fighting Cancer With Your Body's Internal Energy - Guo Lin Chi Kung.

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