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Guo Lin Chi Gong:
Energy Exercises For Cancer

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Fighting Cancer with Your Body's Internal Energy

Teaching All The Basics Of Guo Lin Chi Gong
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Disclaimer: This sort of energy exercise can be used as an addition to any cancer recovery program. But it in no way should be used to replace any cancer therapy prescribed by your physician. We offer no explicit nor implicit opinion on the effectiveness of practicing Guo Lin Chi Kung for those with cancer. It is just our wish to provide information on this so that those interested can have a resource for learning this style.

This video introduces you to the remarkable exercise practice used by hundreds of thousands throughout China to fight their cancer. Called Guo Lin Chi Gong (Chi Gong is the chinese name for energy exercises, this style is named Guo Lin Chi Gong after its founder, a woman named Guo Lin), this simple to learn series of movements and unique walking styles was invented by Guo Lin to fight her cancer and has become well known in China as the healing exercises used by the Cancer Recovery Clubs of China. A general introduction to this unique way of fighting cancer is found at fighting cancer the chinese way with exercise and movement and a more detailed look at the development of this style and its healing potential for cancer is available in an excerpt from Paul Dong's book, Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health, the chapter, "How Chi Gong Works on Cancer"

This 58 minute video, provides a good introduction into the basic components of the Guo Lin style. Included on the video are:

  • An introduction to Chi Gong and how it affects health and healing;
  • An interview with cancer survivor and Guo Lin Chi Gong master, Chen T'ai T'ai, on her personal experiences with using Guo Lin Chi Gong to overcome her brain; tumor
  • Segments teaching the basics of the style, including the opening and closing movements, the basic walking styles and unique breathing style used in Guo Lin Chi Gong, and more advanced walking styles. Each technique is then demonstrated by Chen T'ai T'ai.

These opening and closing movements are easy to learn and the basic walking and breathing style can be learned with just a few practice sessions. The power of these movements and exercises lies not in their difficulty, but in practicing them everyday to open up the healing energy potential within us all. In fact, those too weak to do the walking movements can still benefit from this exercise style by practicing the breathing techniques while lying or sitting down. That is the great thing about Guo Lin Chi Gong - it is easy to do and adds an important technique to those wishing to empower themselves in their fight against cancer.

While new to Westerners, Chi Gong has been used by the Chinese as a self healing technique for thousands of years and Guo Lin Chi Gong has gained great notoriety in China for its use by the Cancer Recovery Clubs of China.

How to View This Video

I strongly urge you to watch the video in the order that it is presented below. I know some of you may want to jump right in and start doing the exercises and movements without first watching the introduction. But I hope you don't - because watching the introduction to Chi Kung and also the interview with my teacher, a cancer survivor who used Guo Lin Chi Kung in her recovery, will help to give you an understanding of how the Chinese believe this sort of energy exercise can help you to heal from serious disease. And hearing the story of my teacher gives a real sense of how it can help empower you when fighting such a serious illness.

Fighting Cancer With Your Body's Internal Energy - the Video

An Introduction To Guo Lin Chi Kung
(12:00 minutes in lenght)

This first segment of the video introduces you to Chi Kung exercises and why its practitioners believe that these internal energy exercises can help heal an strengthen your body. Also included in this segment is an interview with my teacher who tells of her cancer recovery and how she believe Guo Lin Chi Kung was vital to her surviving her cancer.

The Fundamentals of Practice
(9:44 minutes in length)

This segment goes over the fundamentals to getting the most out of your Chi Kung practice - posture, proper breathing, etc.

Opening Exercises
(6:19 minutes in length)

This segment teaches the opening exercises of this form, the exercises you do before and after the main waling elements of Guo Lin Chi Kung. At the end it has a demonstration of these exercises led by my teacher.

The Basic Walking Style of Guo Lin Chi Kung
(5:19 minutes in length)

This segment goes in-depth into the foundation of the Guo Lin Style - the specific walking style that Guo Lin developed. Here we learn the basic walking style, and there is a demonstration of this basic walking style at the end led by my teacher to give you a good idea of how this walking style looks in practice.

Medium Fast and Quick Walking styles
(5:17 minutes in length)

Here we look at the quicker walking styles you progress to after getting used to the basic walking styles. Instruction again followed by a demonstration led by my teacher.

Three Part Gathering
(4:34 minutes in length)

Along with walking exercises, there is also an energy exercise used as part of the Guo Lin Chi Kung practice. I call this "Three Part Gathering", and here it is taught and again demonstrated by my teacher.

Other Walking Styles
(12:02 minutes in length)

Guo Lin did develop some other walking styles that you can use to spice up your practice. Here we teach and demonstrate some of these other walking styles.

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