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Guo Lin Chi Gong:
Energy Exercises For Cancer

Introduction To Guo Lin Chi Gong: Energy Exercises For Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer with Your Body's Internal Energy Video

This video available for FREE on the Internet. It is has been broken down into a half dozen or so sections. To view the video please see our page - Fighting Cancer With Your Body's Internal Energy - Guo Lin Chi Kung. Note: It may take 10- 15 seconds for this page to load, even on a broadband connection, since it takes a bit of time for the various video players to load onto the web page. You will need a broadband connection to view the videos.

I first heard about this special way of fighting cancer 15 years ago. My father had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I happened to be watching a special on health called "The Healing Heart". Near the end of the special was a segment that just floored me. It was on the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club - and these people, instead of being passive in their fight with cancer, were out everyday walking, moving, and breathing in a very special way.

All over Shanghai there were people getting together every morning, hundreds of people in dozens of places, to practice these seemingly simple forms of exercise to fight their cancer. These groups were run solely by cancer survivors who had used this form of exercise. In Shanghai alone, there were almost 3,000 people in these cancer recovery clubs, and besides the exercise they also scheduled group trips, met for yearly anniversaries of members survival, and generally supported each other in their fight.

I was stunned that there was such a well organized group that used both exercise and support to battle their cancer - and it seemed to work - at least from hearing the interviews with the members in "The Heart of Healing". This was really exciting to me - and so began a journey to learn about this special type of exercise that they believed can cure their cancer.

group performing beginning movementsThe basis of the groups daily exercise is a form of Chi Gung called Guo Lin Chi Gong. You may not have heard of Chi Gong, but you probably have heard of its increasingly well known cousin T'ai Chi. Chi Gong is similar to T'ai Chi in that it is a general term for movements or meditations invented by the Chinese that help to strengthen and regulate the internal energy, or "chi", that the Chinese believe is the basis of health.

By performing these seemingly simple movements or meditations the Chinese believe that you can maintain and recover your health. So Chi Gong is really the Chinese way of staying healthy, and everyday early in the morning they meet by the millions in parks across China to practice this basic, but powerful, self health technique.

The special style practiced by the Cancer Recovery Clubs of China was developed by a woman named Guo Lin - so it is called Guo Lin Chi Gong. Guo Lin developed this type of Chi Gong to fight her own cancer and after many years began to teach others. Recently as the Chinese government began to allow people to publicly practice Chi Gong again after the Communist takeover Guo Lin Chi Gong has grown tremendously in popularity. Over a million Chinese with a variety of chronic diseases have learned Guo Lin Chi Gong, and the groups claim to have an amazing amount of success (over 90%). I take these types of claims with lots of grains of salt, but it has become a social phenomenon in China. No longer passive, the members are very active in their own recovery which is strikingly different than what typically happens here. It was inspiring to read about.

To help you to learn more about how this system of healing works and why it may work in healing cancer, I've included an excerpt from Paul Dong's book, Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health. The chapter, How Chi Gong Works on Cancer, explains how this form of Chi Gong was invented and how Chi Gong can work to help heal cancer. I found it to be very enlightening.

Ever since that first day I saw the special on Guo Lin Chi Gong, I wanted to learn all about it. I thought, and still think, that this type of exercise and social club for cancer could revolutionize they way people in America deal with their cancer. Instead of being passive and alone in dealing with their cancer, people could band together into these cancer recovery groups and become empowered in dealing with their cancer. Even if the exercises didn't really help, although after studying T'ai Chi and Chi Gong for many years now I am convinced they do work, getting together as a social group with a positive purpose is so powerful. I still hope some day that this movement will come to America so that people can benefit from the powerful social and health benefits that the Chinese Recovery Groups have discovered.

After years of hearing about Guo Lin Chi Gong, I was fortunate enough to meet a woman from China who had healed her brain tumor, she believed, by practicing Guo Lin Chi Gong. Chen T'ai T'ai agreed to become my teacher, and for several months she taught me, with the help of my friend and interpreter Mrs. Chen, how to practice Guo Lin Chi Gong. She certainly was inspiring - they gave her a couple of years to live after they removed a tumor the size of a "duck egg" from her head. When I met her she was still thriving, and very feisty, over eight years after her operation. She still practiced Guo Lin Chi Gong every day - and had every day for all those years. She loved to practice near pine trees - they believe they are very healthy. I never have been able to match her grace in the walking movements, but I did eventually pick it up under her watchful eye.

Before she left I decided we should video tape her so that others would have a chance to learn Guo Lin Chi Gong. Finding a teacher in this country is almost impossible - after searching for years I finally found a disciple of Guo Lin named Dr. Chung Siu Wong who lives in California. Unfortunately, I've lost track of her and she no longer seems to be in Fremont.

So I was extremely lucky to chance across Chen T'ai T'ai and we produced the video so that others might have a chance to learn this method of fighting cancer in their own home.

The actual movements are easy to learn - the foundation of the style is a rythmic walking that also emphasizes a particular way of breathing that really gets a lot of oxygen into your system. Literally you can learn a basic walking style in just a few minutes, although it takes a few hours to really get comfortable.

Disclaimer: This sort of energy exercise can be used as an addition to any cancer recovery program. But it in no way should be used to replace any cancer therapy prescribed by your physician. We offer no explicit nor implicit opinion on the effectiveness of practicing Guo Lin Chi Kung for those with cancer. It is just our wish to provide information on this so that those interested can have a resource for learning this style.

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