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My friend Marc and I had a little radio show, The Health Explores, in Washington, D.C. that explored all sorts of alternative health practices and ideas back in the late 1990's. We learned a lot, and on this site I've put up some of our favorite shows to continue to share them with you. You will find descriptions of these shows below -- I hope you enjoy them.

Every week it seems like the rules change - one week your supposed to worry about cholesterol, the next some types of cholesterol may be good for you. It is a crazy world out there, and we at the Health Explorers are here to help you separate the facts from the hype.

Consider us your online health consumer advocates. Instead of believing the hype, we will roll up our sleeves to research the claims and report back what we have found. And when things look interesting, and not too scary, we will try things so you don't have to - and report back to you our experiences. That way you might get an idea if juicing or magnet therapy is for you, or maybe just be entertained by our misadventures.

The Health Explorer Radio Show Archive

Preventing Breast Cancer - Our guest Frank Weiwel, founder of the grassroots cancer education organization People Against Cancer, discusses the ways in which women can protect themselves from breast cancer through dietary and lifestyle changes.

A Healthy Vegetarian Diet - Dr. Michael Klaper, author of several books on healthy vegetarian diet, dispels myths about vegetarianism and shares with us why a vegetarian diet is in fact a powerful way to avoid health problems such as heart disease and bone loss.

Cancer nutrition - An interview with Dr. Patrick Quillan, P.H.D,author of "Beating Cancer with Nutrition", on the importance of nutritional support to preventing and healing cancer.

Dr. Robert Nagourney and a way to test your own cancer cells to see what will be the most effective treatment for your own particular type of cancer
Dr. Nagourney discusses his revolutionary approach to determining what type of chemotherapy or other therapy would be most appropriate for a patient's cancer. Called an Ex-Vivo Apoptic laboratory assay, this test is conducted in test tubes on your own cancer cells.

In this test, your tumor is subjected to 60+ different drugs to see which, if any, cause the cancer cells to die - the idea being that ordinary cancer cells actually live forever and this immortality, rather than the fast growth of the cancer cells, is the reason cancer is so deadly.

By testing for cell death in the laboratory Dr. Nagourney is able to see which drug works on your specific cells, so that you have a kind of designer chemo approach to treatment. Interesting stuff, even for me who hates chemo after seeing its affect on my family, and he is getting very interesting results. For more info see Rational Therapeutics

Story of a survivor of pancreatic cancer
Interview with an 11 year survivor of pancreatic cancer who was so far advanced she was told she had 3 weeks to live and underwent no conventional therapy. As a last alternative she tried the Gerson diet and therapy - and she's still here to tell her story. For more information on pancreatic cancer, go to our Pancreatic Cancer home page.

Back Pain - we explored four different ways of trying to overcome back pain on this show:

Magnet Therapy - learn how strapping magnets on your back might help with your pain. Sounds goofy I know, but has really worked for me.

Feldenkrais Movement Therapy - it may be hard to pronounce, but Feldenkreis movement therapy attempts to reteach your body how to move efficiently. It is very interesting stuff - and certainly 180 degrees away from the ordinary work hardening program. You move nice and slow with little exertion - what's not to like.

Pilates - Joseph Pilates invented this modern yogic technique - and once you've seen pictures of what this man's body was like in his 70's you will want to sign up. The big rage recently with movers and shakers, this very different form of exercise has been the mainstay of ballet and theatre types for years. Find a good teacher - the equipment is very different and the movements exacting.

The Health Explorer Spotlight by David Rosenberg

Raw Foods R Us

My wife and I have been trying to lose a bit of the fat we layed in over the winter (ok, over the last year or so). We have been trying to eat all uncooked foods - a diet that may seem a bit extreme to even those who are already vegetarian. There is a whole subset of the vegetarian world, though, that believes that uncooked foods are essential to robust health.

The argument is that cooking destroys the enzymes in food. And they believe that food without enzymes is, well, basically evil. The argument goes that your body can't use the food without the enzymes and that you either have to get them by depleting your body's store of enzymes or the food will simply not be utilized either efficiently or effectively by your digestive system.Does cooking food really cause such dire problems?

There is very little hard information to back up these allegations. The arguments are more one of logic - i.e. that until recently humans were only eating uncooked foods and therefore only raw foods can be healthy for our bodies.I'm not sure if I buy this - especially when I have just had a really good pizza, but I will tell you that I feel good when I eat at least 2 raw meals a day.

And better yet, when I eat all raw foods my weight just seems to melt off. Same for my wife - in fact it is the only dietary program she has ever found to allow her to lose weight.

Best of all there is no suffering - we can eat as much as we want and still find the pounds slowly melting away. To be fair, the diet works much better when combined with daily, regular exercise.

Sound interesting but boring? Well, it does take a bit of adjusting to, but eating raw can be tasty. We have put a few of our favorite recipes at Veggie recipes - including tasty hummus, smoothies, and really addictive guacamole. Share some of your favorites with us on the . There are also some resources available at Veggie resources.

Maybe start by adding just a salad or extra fruit servings a day - the worst that happens is that you will get a bunch more fiber. Let us know how it turns out for you.

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