How To Go About Comparing Memory Foam Mattresses (both online and in a store)?

With so many memory foam mattress options out there these days, it can be a bit overwhelming to sort through the different options to find the one that is the best fit for you.

So here's my way of trying to do make sense out of the possible options.

First, decide what your goal is.

If it is to just get an inexpensive mattress that will work for a few years, then one of the fairly inexpensive memory foam options on Amazon may be just the ticket. They mostly use Chinese foam, which I have serious reservations about since there have been serious quality control issues with Chinese products over the years I feel concerned about sleeping on cheap Chinese foam and whether it might cause health issues over time.

But if you aren't concerned about this, check out Amazon and you will see a variety of inexpensive options that have high reviews. Read through a few reviews on each of the ones that you are considering, and then go with the one that you feel most comfortable with.

If you want something that will last longer, but doesn't come at Tempur-Pedic (tm) pricing, there are a lot of options both online and in your local mattress retailer.

I do think it is worth a trip to your local retailer if you haven't ever tried a memory foam mattress -- if nothing else, just to make sure you like the general feel of memory foam.

And who knows, you might find a memory foam mattress there that you just love.

I do want you to be aware, though, that a memory foam mattress in a store may feel very different than the a new one of these mattresses in your home. That is because foam does soften with use and also memory foam specifically softens with heat and humidity. Mattress stores know this and since memory foam mattresses are often a large part of their business (especially Tempur-Pedic (tm)) they do their best to have their store temps and humidity set so these mattresses show as soft and inviting.

But if you are in a climate that is less humid and/or you keep your house at a cooler temperature setting, you may find that your new memory foam mattress, at least initially, is much firmer. As you use it, though, it should soften as it gets your body's heat and humidity into the foam.

As for comparing between memory foam options in the store, these days you have not only the option of laying on each (which you should try to do for at least 5 - 10 minutes each to get a sense of how it will feel to sleep on all night) but you can also check out whether that particular mattress has any online reviews.

Reviews may be hard to find for a bed found in a mattress store since, unfortunately, many mattress companies and retailers still play the game of giving the same mattress different names for different stores.

But if you are looking at a mattress that has a nationwide name brand, like the Tempur-Pedics (tm), then you may well be able to find reviews online to help you get a sense of how that particular mattress worked for other folks in their homes.

One other issue with buying at a local store, though, may be in regards to their return policy. Most mattress retailers still don't offer money back trials. At best they offer a replacement if you don't like your mattress. But what if you don't want any other mattress than the one you are trying? In that case, it would have been nice to have a money back trial.

Which is why a lot of customers chose to buy their mattress sight unseen from us -- our 1 year money back trial just made the feel more comfortable that they wouldn't get taken if they didn't end up liking the mattress.

If this is a concern for you, look for at least a 100 day money back trial. And it is also nice to see if the company has earned a good rating with the BBB or some other accreditation organization to make sure you will get your money back if there is a problem.

As for sorting out the many memory foam options that you can pick from online that do offer this sort of money back trial and the kind of quality that should help make the mattress last for years, I can only say read over some of the reviews for each option and then go with your gut as to the one that seems to offer the kind of feel and comfort you are looking for.

With memory foam mattresses earning the highest overall rating of any type of mattress, according to Sleep Like The Dead, chances are that which ever one you chose it will likely work well for you. But just in case ... make sure that you do get the good money back trial.