Memory Foam Good For People With Back Pain?

We've had a lot of people with back pain buy our memory foam bed over the years, and my estimate is that 80% found that the mattress helped with their back pain. The other 20% was split between people that found that the mattress didn't help or hurt their back pain, and the other 10% found that it may have made their back pain worse.

My own experience on memory foam mattresses were that some were overly soft for my back, where as others with firmer cores and less memory foam (I liked 2 - 3" of memory foam on top, those with more felt like I sinked in too much) worked better for my back.

And that is kind of what I took away from all this -- that back pain is very individual, and what works for one person's back may set off another person's back pain.

I do think that if you are having a problem with back pain, it is worth trying out a memory foam mattress since I've had such great success for so many people with back pain.

But the failure rate is high enough that it is important to find one with a very good money back trial period -- at least 100 days -- to insure that if that particular memory foam mattress doesn't work for your back, you can return it

One other thing I would caution against is giving too much weight to how a memory foam mattress feels in a store when you are deciding which mattress to try. I do think it can be helpful in that if you just hate the feel of a memory foam mattress, or one you try sets off your back pain, then you have a good sense that these particular mattresses are not for you.

But memory foam mattresses in a store often have a softer feel than the ones you get at home. This is due to their being broken in by people testing them out, and also if they keep the store warm and humid, this can make a memory foam mattress feel softer than a new one in your home environment. So just be aware that a new memory foam mattress often feels firmer than the ones you try out in the store, and I tell people to check out the online reviews of a mattress to get a better feel for how people gauge the firmness and support of that particular mattress when it is new in their home.