Our mattress is not available in any store, so you can't
try it out before you buy it, yet ...

Even though our customers buy our mattress sight-unseen,
an unheard-of 96% say they would recommend our
10" Memory Foam Mattress to a friend
and 93% give it a 4 or 5 star rating

So what is so special about our mattress? In an attempt to break through all the hype, we tested 6 different memory foam mattresses in a blind test with over 300 people. The results were very clear - this one mattress stood head and shoulders above the rest in all categories: Comfort, support, and pressure-point relief.

And I believe in it so much that
I'm backing it with an unmatched
365-day money-back trial - no strings attached

Hi - My name is David Rosenberg, and I've been sleeping on and selling memory foam for almost 20 years. During this time, I've heard from literally hundreds of customers, how memory foam has helped to dramatically improve their sleep, ease their aches and pains, and wake up refreshed.

Memory foam was first developed by NASA to ease pressure on astronauts during lift-off. As it turned out, the unique way this foam conforms to your body and spreads pressure to reduce pressure points made it an ideal sleeping surface. It's no surprise that memory foam has been the fastest growing sleep product in the last 10 years - it really works.

For me, memory foam has been a lifesaver. Before using memory foam, I'd wake up with severe back and hip pain (I suffered a serious back injury over 25 years ago). Every day was difficult. But after trying memory foam, my hip pain disappeared and I now wake up with very little, if any, back pain.

Memory foam has changed the quality of my life - so much so I decided to go into the business so I could help other people with their sleep and pain issues. So, it was goodbye to my legal career, and hello to the memory foam mattress business (my mother was concerned a bit by this career choice - but she sleeps great now).

My Search For Comfort, Quality & Affordability

A few years ago I decided to try to find the most comfortable memory foam mattress to carry in my store. But I didn't want it to be based on what I liked -- instead I decided to "crowdsource" the mattress.

I would talk with all the different memory foam mattress manufacturers, find out those willing to put together a 10" memory foam mattress to my general specs, and then test these mattresses in a random test with real customers and see which one ranked higher in their customer reviews.

This was something radically different than I had every done. Before I had sold what I liked. Now I was determined to sell what my customers liked.

It was a bit scary to be honest. I didn't know if it would work. Maybe all the mattresses would rate about equal, and no clear winner would emerge.

But if one did bubble to the top, with a much higher overall ratings, I would have something truly special in terms of comfort to offer my customers.

Another thing I like about this approach is that I could sell the mattress with no hype, which I hate, and instead people could read the real reviews for themselves, and then be able to gauge if the mattress sounded like it might work for their particular sleep issues.

"We are sleeping so much more soundly and as a result we have more energy everyday."

"It's been about 10 nights on our new Cal King mattress we purchased from you and my wife and I are so pleased!!! We are sleeping so much more soundly and as a result we have more energy everyday. BTW everything from purchase to delivery to unpacking went exactly as you advertised! If anyone asks me for a recommendation I will be pointing them in your direction. Many Thanks"
--Chris, Seekonk, MA
September 28, 2010

"I am back and just ordered a queen size for our daughter"

"It seems like every day my wife and I wake up on our king size memory foam mattress that we purchased from you and say, "boy I love this mattress!" Which is usually followed by, "why did we wait so long?" Well I am back and just ordered a queen size for our daughter! Thanks Again"
--Chris, Seekonk, MA
November 3, 2010

Testing 6 Mattresses, With 300 People -
And One Really Did Stand Out For Comfort

So, hoping I wasn't making a very costly and time consuming mistake, I looked at all sorts of memory foam mattresses and came up with 6 different ones that met our basic test criteria -- around 10" total thickness, and at a price that would be about 1/2 of the "leading brand".

And I had no idea what I was getting into. Many times, over the next few months, I wondered if all this would work out. It wasn't easy selling the mattresses with no real information on the site, other than they were 10" thick and that we were offering a money-back guarantee.

But I didn't want to bias any of the testers by providing any sort of "marketing" info on any of the mattresses (you know, this one is claiming to be "green", the other claims a particular "special" quality to its memory foam, etc.)

I just wanted to see, absent any hype, what people's real reaction was to the different mattresses.

And what happened? You can see yourselves from the chart below. One mattress distinguished itself from the others in every category I broke out -- and in a very convincing manner:

Would Recommend To A Friend Gave A 4 Or 5 Star Review Said It Was Comfortable Said it Offered Good Support Returns
Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress (45 reviews) 87% 84% 89% 91% 4
Mattress #2 (39 reviews) 82% 77% 79% 79% 11
Mattress #3 (44 reviews) 81% 73% 75% 75% 5
Mattress #4 (35 reviews) 80% 66% 71% 69% 6
Mattress #5 (34 reviews) 75% 65% 68% 82% 5
Mattress #6 (42 reviews) 80% 79% 86% 81% 9

Getting To Particulars, What Makes This Such A Comfortable Mattress?

Comfort is such an individual thing, that I would encourage you to read the reviews at the right side of the page to get a sense for why our testers found the Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress so comfortable.

But in trying to distill down what I got from their reviews, it seemed that unlike some of the memory foam mattresses I had looked at that had felt overly soft or hard, in general our testers said that this mattress has a nice, soft initial feel while still feeling supportive and firm once they let their weight sink into the bed. Which meant no hip pain, no back ache - just a good night's sleep.

I do want to say at this point, though, that I'm not saying that this is a soft or plush mattress. While these sort of mattresses have a very nice initial feel, I have found that an overly soft mattress often doesn't work out in the long run.

Instead, the idea is to shoot for the middle ground -- not overly firm, but not overly soft either. Something yielding and not causing pressure points (which is why the top layers of memory foam are so crucial), but a firm base "core" for the bed that does provide good support.

From the testers reviews, the sense I get is that the majority found the Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress firm, yet still very comfortable due to the two separate layers of memory foam that top the mattress.

layers of memory foam mattress
The Full Height of the Mattress is 10"

Which brings us to the specs on the mattress, which I thought really did compare to the middle part of the "leading brand's" line. Unlike many of the other memory foam mattresses I have looked at in the past that cheaped out in the design of their mattress, this mattress had a very nice density base foam (the "core" part of the bed that the memory foam sits on) and the memory foam had a soft, inviting feel to it (where as some other memory foams can feel stiff and hard at room temperature).

For those gear heads out there (and I can be one), the mattress is 10" in height made of 4 layers - at the bottom two layers of 3" convoluted 2.3 lb density poly foam (the bottom layer a firmer feel than the 2nd layer), next a 2" layer of 5 lb memory foam on top of this, and a top 2" layer of 4 lb memory foam.

Don't worry about what these numbers mean -- the important thing is that the foams used are very high quality and the densities go beyond that found in so many memory foam mattress I've looked at. This mattress was made to be both comfortable and durable, a real value for the money, and not some sort of cheap knock-off where you pay less but get something of really inferior quality. That just isn't the case here -- the quality of the foams used is on par with those costing twice as much from the "leading brand".

All foams used in our mattress are made in the US and also Certipur-US certified, so you can rest easy knowing they are:

  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDE flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

Again, I hope you will read the reviews on the right to get a sense of what people felt about the comfort of the Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress. But, just to give you a notion of what we heard, here is a sample from one of the comments:


"I've been sleeping on my Healthy Foundation since 4/11/2011. I knew I was sleeping better,not waking up frequently during night with hip pain, waking refreshed and feeling less back/hip pain during the day. However, it was not until I went away recently for two nights that I realized how incredible my Healthy Foundation really is. While away, I woke up at least 4 times during the night with hip pain and awoke in the morning feeling so tired and stiff. I truly felt awful. When I came home,back on my Healthy Foundation, I slept like a baby and felt wonderful the next morning. The difference is nothing short of amazing. I am in love!!!! Don't wait----do it"

--Review by Betsy, Morristown, NJ
June 21, 2011
5-star rated review

Not Only Comfortable, But Durable As Well -
Our Mattress Easily Performed In The
Top 10% Of All Mattresses When It Was
Put Through Intensive Mattress Stress Tests

From our tester's response it was clear that this mattress was head and shoulders above any of the others we tested for comfort and support. After I looked at the data, and saw how our reviewers rated this mattress as highly as the Tempur-Pedic ® -- which, considering our group had never seen or felt this mattress till it arrived, I thought was amazing -- I was really excited about the idea of carrying the mattress on our site.

But before getting all carried away, I talked with the manufacturer and told them there was one other issue that I knew we had to absolutely address. No matter how comfortable the mattress was, it wasn't worth much unless it was durable and would last. And I knew this was a real concern of our customers because I heard this question every day -- will a memory foam bed really last more than a few years?

So I asked the manufacturer to do the most demanding stress tests on this mattress possible. And while even those few mattresses that are stress tested usually only undergo a single roller stress test, we ended up putting this mattress through 2 different, very demanding stress tests.

The first test was the traditional roller test, where they take a 240 lb, six sided roller (approximately 3 feet long) and roll it 100,000 times over the mattress (this takes five days to complete!). This test is used to determine whether the mattress incurs any firmness loss or thickness loss over years of simulated use. They test for both changes in firmness and height loss.

In addition, the testing center also put the mattress through a relatively new test, which is called the Cornell Fatigue Test. In this test, they basically take half of a bowling ball that is mounted on a piston, and then ram it into the foam 100,000 times (in the same spot) and measure any resulting impression.

So how did our mattress do? While the technical data is a bit hard to plow through, the bottom line is that the mattress performed exceptionally well in both tests.

In the roller test, the testing center indicated to us that the mattress performed in the top 10% of all mattresses they had reviewed. So this mattress should not have much of an issue of losing support over its expected lifetime.

As for the Cornell Fatigue Test, since it is a newer test, they couldn't give us a sense of how it performed compared to other mattresses, as they did in the roller test. But, they said that the test results were quite good -- the amount of the indentation was 44% less than which is acceptable for a foam mattress under their performance criteria. What does this mean? I'm hopeful it means that this particular mattress just won't have an issue with forming a body impression over time given it did so well on this "Ram" test.

I was very pleased to see these results, and they have made me feel much more confident that this mattress will hold up very well over time.

All The Comfort, But At About 1/2 The Price* of The "Leading Brand"

This is what we heard from our testers about the Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress - Really comfortable, reduces aches and pains, less tossing and turning, helps people to sleep better and wake refreshed -- but what's the price?

That was the best part - while our testers gave our 10" Memory Foam Mattress an overall comfort rating comparable to that claimed by Tempur-Pedic ®, 10" Memory Foam Mattress is about 1/2 the price*.

Our customer comments were even more specific about how they found our memory foam mattress to compare to the Tempur-Pedic ®. While I didn't ask specifically for any feedback on the comparison of our memory foam mattress to Tempur-Pedic ®, 5 testers included their opinions about how our mattress rated vs Tempur-Pedic ® in their reviews, and here is what they said:

"Great bed for a great price!" 5 star review

"Great bed. Just like the Tempur-Pedic that I use to have but without the smell." --Dennis, 1/21/2010, Would recommend this to a friend

"Would purchase this again." 4 star review

"The mattress is great- we have a tempurpedic bed as well and like this one better. It has just the right support while the tempurpedic is a little too firm" -- achillaman, 6/9/2010, Would recommend this to a friend

"Super mattress compared to Temper!" 4 star review

"Super mattress compared to Temper! This compared the same as TemperPedic at 1/3 the price and a tad softer for me which was perfect." --nygolfman43, 2/16/2010, Would recommend this to a friend

"Love it!" 4 star review

"...its at least as comfortable comparable to a Tempurpedic Deluxe; so I got what I was expecting." --Baton Rouge Brian, 1/23/2010, Would recommend this to a friend

"Great for the price!!" 4 star review

"It's not a tempur-pedic, but neither is the price!!!" --mares, 2/10/2010, Would recommend this to a friend

How are we able to offer a mattress that gets this sort of overwhelmingly positive response -- where 89% of our testers checked it was comfortable and 87% said they would recommend it to a friend --- at about 1/2 the price of a comparable Tempur-Pedic ®?*

Bottom line, with the "leading brand" you are paying a big premium for their huge advertising and branding program. In 2006 alone, Tempur-Pedic ® spent 170 million dollars in selling and marketing their brand.

I operate very differently: I buy directly in volume from the manufacturer to get the lowest possible price, and I don't have expensive overhead that jacks up the price since we have a lean online operation. In this way, I can price this mattress -- which offers no compromise in comfort or quality -- at half the price of the "leading brand".

With Its CoolMaxTM Cover And Vacuum Packaging,
Our 10" Memory Foam Mattress Doesn't Sleep Hot,
And Has Little Or No "New Foam" Odor -
Unlike So Many Other Memory Foam Mattresses

I get asked about these issues a lot -- whether our 10" Memory Foam Mattress sleeps hot and has a strong odor when new. And I've have come across these issues with memory foams in the past.

So after all the reviews came in and it was easy to see that this mattress was the clear winner, I took some time to look over all the reviews specifically to see what people had to say about the mattress sleeping hot and any comments they had about the mattress' initial odor after unwrapping it.

And what was the feedback on these issues? I'd have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the positive comments by the reviewers about both these issues. The bottom line was that, in general, our reviewers found that the our 10" Memory Foam Mattress doesn't sleep hot for most people and it had almost no initial odor.

Here is what we found: 68 of the 381 total Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress reviews we analyzed did mention a concern of whether it might sleep hot. Of these 68 reviews, 42 said that the Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress did not sleep hot, 13 said it was slightly warm at first, but that they adjusted or the warmth was not an issue, and 4 reviewers solved their own heat issues with a change in mattress covers or blankets.

Some comments were "Neither of us find it to be HOT - just very comfortable", "The weather was still pretty warm when we first got it, but it did not seem to sleep noticeably hot to us. Now, in winter, we use the same blankets as before - no noticeable difference there either", and "I'm always hot but I don't have trouble with this mattress (we use an additional mattress pad which probably helps)".

Only nine reviewers of the 381 total reviews said the mattress was warm or hot, resulting in two returns for this problem.

Bottom line - of 381 reviewers of the Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress we looked at, only 9, or 2.3%, said it slept hot, and only 2 -- or less than 1% -- returned it due to their feeling hot on the mattress.

So while there is a lot of talk out there about memory foam sleeping hot, in our case, based on our customers actual experience on our bed (and all are posting reviews after sleeping on our bed for at least 3 months), in reality the vast majority of reviewers simply didn't find that sleeping hot was an issue.

Given how often I get this question, this fear of sleeping hot turned out to be much greater than the reality. Perhaps this is an issue for other memory foam mattress, due to their foams or the covers they use. But for ours, the various design aspects of the mattress -- from the included CoolMaxTM cover, which incorporates the CoolMaxTM fibres to wick away your body's moisture to help you sleep cooler, to the convoluted tops of the base foam layers to allow for better ventilation, and lastly to the memory foam itself which may have better air flow than other memory foams due to its open cell nature -- really seem to keep the vast majority of people at a comfortable temperature when sleeping on our mattress.

And the feedback on the odor issue was even more positive -- in the sense that our reviewers didn't find that there was an odor issue.

Of the 381 reviews we analyzed, 48 reviewers commented about this -- and 47 of these said very positive things about the odor, or lack there of. Most said that they found the "the mattress really did not have much, if any, odor to it". In pure numbers, of these 48 reviews, 26 said there was no odor at all, 9 said the odor dissipated within a few seconds to a few hours, 4 said it dissipated within a few days, and 7 said it dissipated within 1 - 2 weeks.

Typical comments were, as one person noted, "It [the mattress] also had a minimal smell when we first got it, but that has now gone away completely (I have a very sensitive nose)". About the worst comment we got on this was that "At first there was a slight odor, but that went away after about 2 weeks".

I have to admit I was a bit stunned after reading through all the reviews. Despite the general perception people have that a memory foam bed has a strong initial odor -- I get this question a lot -- only 1 person out of 381 found it to be a problem with our 10" Memory Foam Mattress.

Why do we get so few issues with an initial odor where other memory foam mattresses seem to have this issue?

It may be due to the way in which the memory foam we use is manufactured (the catalyst they use in the foaming process doesn't have an odor like some that other manufacturer's use) or perhaps because we vacuum pack the mattresses (which may pump out the odor during this packing process if there is some picked up during the manufacturing process).

Or perhaps it is because all the foams we use in our mattress meet the Certipur-US ® strict standards for low VOC emissions.

Whatever the reason, while odor may be an issue for other memory foam mattresses, it just isn't a problem with our 10" Memory Foam Mattress.

The Mattress Gets Delivered Right To Your Door
By FedEx Ground

Queen mattress compressed and ready to be boxed up

Believe it or not, this is a Queen mattress, vacuum packed and ready to ship. By vacuum packing, we are able to ship all our mattresses by FedEx Ground right to your door. When you receive the box, you simply unwrap the mattress and it usually only takes an hour or so for it to expand to its full size.

With hundreds shipped, every one has fully recovered to its factory dimensions.

I've shipped thousands of mattresses in the mattress business, and shipping them by freight truck can be a nightmare. Mattresses get lost or punctured by fork lifts, and often actual deliveries were very difficult (they would just bring the mattress off the truck and it was up to the customers to get this very large mattress into their house by themselves, etc).

That's why I really loved that this mattress is one of the only mattresses I've seen that comes compressed so it can be shipped by FedEx Ground. That way you can track the progress of the mattress (so you won't be wondering when it will arrive), and, best of all, FedEx Ground will deliver it right to your door.

This is a huge step up from shipping a full size mattress by freight truck, and it is all due to the fact that the manufacturer came up with a way to compress a mattress into a roll and seal it at the plant. And from what we heard from our testers, it seems that these compressed and sealed mattresses arrive with minimal to no "new foam odor" at all - a real pleasant change from the strong "new foam odor" you see in most new memory foam mattresses.

We did wonder whether compressing and packaging the mattress altered its feel or durability. In our testing it didn't, and we literally have had no complaints from our customers about a mattress not recovering fully or having any sort of compression set.

Our Attempt to Make You An Irresistible Offer to
Try This Mattress Out For Yourself

We realize that the ultimate test for our mattress is for you to try it for yourself in your own bedroom. So, to try to make that as easy as possible, we want to offer you an unheard of deal in the mattress industry:

  • An unmatched 365-day money-back trial. If for any reason you don't just love our memory foam mattress, let us know within 365-days of receiving it and we will refund your money (less a $75 return shipping fee). The only thing we ask is that you give the mattress a try for a few weeks before deciding, since it can take some time for you to adjust to our mattress.

    I do get asked a fair amount, though, that while people are really amazed we offer a 365 money-back trial, wouldn't a return of our mattress be a real hassle? They wonder how in the world would they somehow get it folded up again and ship it back to us?

    But don't worry, unlike other internet dealers, we don't ask that you find a box and somehow figure out a way to ship it back to us. The return is actually very simple -- we use a pick up service, that operates franchises nationally, that will pick the mattress up right at your door. And the only charge for this return is the $75 return fee -- after any return pickup, we then refund your full purchase price less only the $75 (there is no restocking fee or other add on fees that you often only find out about later -- the $75 fee is it!).

  • Complimentary Shipping. For all orders within the Continental U.S. (A $150 value)

  • Fast Shipping. Our 10" Memory Foam Mattress is in stock and generally ships out within 2 - 3 business days. Shipping time to you once it leaves our warehouse varies -- we ship the mattresses from Florida, so time to the East Coast and Midwest is 2 - 3 shipping days, and out to the West Coast is 5 - 6 shipping days.

  • No Sales Tax. Except for Colorado orders. On a queen mattress, this can save $140 or more!

  • A real 10-year non-prorated manufacturer's warranty. What I mean by real warranty is that our 10" Memory Foam Mattress ' warranty, unlike so many other warranties I see out there for memory foam mattresses, does not have an inflated warranty period for sales purposes which, in practice , has all sorts of fine print that would make it nearly impossible to be able to make a warranty claim (sound familiar?).

    Our manufacturer instead is really ready to stand by its product for what is really the expected lifetime of the product -- which is pretty rare in the mattress industry. So for 10 years you can rest secure knowing that if a warranty problem arises, it will actually be addressed and you won't be stuck.

Our Mattress is Provided Without a Foundation -
Why, You Ask?

For most people, we've found that you really don't need to buy a new foundation or box spring when you are purchasing a new mattress. I know that this confuses some people - they are used to buying a mattress as a set. But it really isn't necessary to replace the box springs in most cases these days.

That's because most mattresses sold in the last 10 - 15 years aren't sold with a box spring, but instead with what is called a foundation. A foundation is a very different animal than box springs. Foundations are made to be basically rigid. The most basic foundations are just boxes of wood covered in fabric. More expensive foundations do incorporate some metal parts, but, unlike springs, these metal supports have very little flex and give the foundation a very stiff, platform like feel.

One reason for this change from box springs to foundations may have been due to the increasing thickness of the standard mattress. Thicker mattresses incorporate all the comfort features (whereas before the box spring was one of the elements to how firm or soft a mattress would feel). But the net result is that most people have a foundation that works basically like a platform, and as long as it still has a firm, resilient feel you can use it with our mattress.

To be honest, this is an area that I've had some pressure to retail foundations with our mattress. It would be an easy way to make a bit more on each mattress sale. But I'd rather have you save some money and keep your current foundation, as long as it is working fine. There's a green element to this as well - it keeps these big items out of landfills, when they're still working perfectly fine.

So test your foundation - remove the mattress and press it in a few places - and as long as it is firm and has no areas with any sort of dips, or excessive give, it should work with our mattress.

If, though, you don't think your current foundation or box springs won't work with a new mattress because it is just longer firm and supportive, you may need to get a new foundation.

While we are looking into possibly carrying a foundation to help this group of people, as of now my best advice if you need to also get a new foundation would be to check with a local mattress store to see if they have a basic foundation that might work well (that offers firm support). These are often made of wood framing, and work basically like a platform. And for the most part they are fairly inexpensive.

Will Your Mattress Work On An
Adjustable Bed Frame?

Our mattress should work well with any adjustable base. Just make sure you order the correct size mattress for the adjustable base you are putting it on.

Why Buy From Us?

Unlike most retailers selling memory foam mattresses, we specialize strictly in memory foam. This specialization allows us to offer our customers some significant advantages. While below, I cover a few of the important ways in which we differ from the competition, I've also put together a more in-depth answer to the basic question I often get from a customer:

  • Lower Prices

    As a specialized business with lower overhead, we strive to offer low pricing on all our products everyday. That is one reason we are able to offer a mattress of this quality at 1/2 the price of the "leading brand".

  • Our Unmatched 365-day money-back Guarantee

    We just don't believe you should bear the financial risk if a mattress doesn't end up working out for you. Unfortunately, most retailers offer a very limited or no money-back trial when you buy a mattress. We think this just isn't right - if you believe in your mattress, it shouldn't be a problem offering a money back guarantee. We feel our mattress is second to none, and to show how much we believe in it we decided to offer an unheard of 1 year money-back guarantee.

    So when you buy a mattress from us, you can rest easy knowing that you have a full year to decide if this is the mattress for you. The only charge you will pay on a return is a $75 return fee.

    I do get asked a fair amount, though, that while people are really amazed we offer a 365 money-back trial, wouldn't a return of our mattress be a real hassle? They wonder how in the world would they somehow get it folded up again and ship it back to us?

    But don't worry, unlike other internet dealers, we don't ask that you find a box and somehow figure out a way to ship it back to us. The return is actually very simple -- we use a pick up national pickup service that will pick the mattress up right at your door. And the only charge for this return is the $75 return fee -- after any return pickup, we then refund your full purchase price less only the $75 (there is no restocking fee or other add on fees that you often only find out about later -- the $75 fee is it!).

"Great Customer Service,
Honest People to do Business with!"

"We are delighted to give Healthy Foundations an excellent review even though we have returned our mattress and received our refund within a week of submitting our request for refund. We had purchased a memory foam mattress for our cottage. I loved it, but my husband didn't really like it from the beginning. So it is ironic that I convinced him to buy a memory foam mattress for our house. Like a good sport he tried it for 7 months and never came to like it better than the cottage mattress. My husband is just not a memory foam fan. Personally, I loved our Healthy Foundation mattress, but wanted us both happy so returned it. I can honestly say that healthy Foundation was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. It is refreshing to find a company with such integrity. If you are a memory foam mattress fan, I would highly recommend doing business with Healthy Foundations."

--Jackie & Nik, BBB Online Review
Oct 1, 2014
  • Our Compressed And Sealed Mattress Arrive In Pristine Condition

    Unfortunately, I have had customers who had previously purchased memory foam beds from other companies and found that their mattresses arrive with a very noticeable odor and occasionally are dirty from shipping. One of the things we really like about our new memory foam mattress is that at the factory it is compressed and then encased in plastic and sealed - so it arrives in a clean condition and with virtually no new foam odor.

  • Serious Customer Service.

    Because we specialize in memory foam, we offer a number of customer service advantages over other companies that carry a varied product line.

    • First, after dealing with these products since 1994, we have an intimate knowledge of how they work and can help to answer your questions on these products.
    • Second, we know that you want your memory foam mattress as soon as possible, so we work hard to get your order out in the next 1 - 2 business days after you order.
    • Third, unlike a big mail order house, when you order from Healthy Foundations, we take your order, track it, and are accountable for the order every step of the way. So if you have questions about your order, you only have to email us (see our Contact us page for our email address or contact form) and you will have our immediate attention.
    • Finally, you can continue to call us toll free at anytime if you have questions about your product or customer service concerns. We will make sure that any questions or concerns you may have will be handled promptly and thoroughly until you are satisfied.

"Best Customer Service Online, Hands Down"

"After shopping around for months, we decided to take a chance with HF based on the reviews and amazing return policy.

My wife loves the mattress and I have three bad discs in my back. The bed lets both of us get a full nights sleep. It's very comfy, not cushy, and doesn't translate movement to the other side of the bed at all.

The most impressive thing about the bed, though, is the owner of the company. Ten months into our new bed, my side developed a lower spot where I sleep. It didn't affect the quality of sleep other than it was a noticeable bit lower than my wifes side...so is my butt!

I emailed David and he got back to me twice in the first day, asking for any documentation I could provide. After taking some pics, he contacted me the very next day simply offering a new bed or a full refund. Being satisfied with the bed, we opted for a new mattress.

Within two days, they came and picked ours up and left us a new mattress.

I can't say enough about a merchant that is immediate with response, stands by his word and follows through with total satisfaction. I am an ex Big box retail general manager and this company is exactly what I strived for every day. Kudos and Good night!"

-- review by Mike, Sarasota, FL,
February 26, 2013, 2012
5-star rated review
  • Rock Solid Business Reputation and Secure Online Ordering

    We aren't a newcomer taking a sudden interest in memory foam - we've been selling memory foam since 1994 and online since 1998.

    We've been a member of the BBB since 2001, and during this time we've consistently earned an A+ rating with the BBB. There has never been a single complaint filed with the BBB about Healthy Foundations. Healthy Foundations has also been consistently honored with the BBB's Gold Star Award.

    Finally, we take your shopping security seriously and have taken numerous precautions to make sure that our sites' online shopping is safe and secure.

    1. To ensure the safety of your personal and credit card information, our shopping cart is VeriSign Secured, SSL Secure Server and in addition also automatically encrypts all credit card numbers in our database. This means that when you place your order through our online store, the transaction is happening on a secure socket layer connection that encrypts the information being sent to and from your browser to our store. In addition, though, our secure store also takes the further step of encrypting all credit card information in the store's database. You would be surprised how many online shopping carts don't do this and simply store credit card numbers without any encryption precautions.
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    As a result of these security measures, we've never had any report of any security issues or any customers' credit card number ever being compromised.

"very happy"

"my husband likes a very firm bed, and I like a soft one. This mattress works for both of us. We looked at foam mattress specifically after doing research on the Internet. It did take a couple of days to get used to. We love it now and our very happy with our decision/purchase."

--review by aussieacres, Tracys Landing, MD
January 23, 2010
5-star rated review

"The product was first class,the customer service great and the website a real learning experience."

"David responding very quickly. In the same day that I asked to return the mattress I had a pickup that afternoon. I am sorry that the mattress didn't work out as I have a herniated disk in my lower back. I thought this " type " of mattress would be the answer but it wasn't. I have to compliment you on running an excellent company through a website. The product was first class,the customer service great and the website a real learning experience. I still recommend this company."

--George B, BBB Online Review
March 2, 2015

How to Order Your 10" Memory Foam Mattress

Healthy Foundations 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Healthy Foundations is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Furniture - Retail in Boulder CO

Below, you will find our pricing for our The Healthy Foundations 10" Memory Foam Mattress . To order online, just click on the "Buy Now" button for the mattress size you want.

Or if you wish to order by phone, you can call us toll free at 800-607-0340, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday.

All our Mattresses come with complimentary shipping within the 48 Contiguous States in the U.S. (details below), and our unmatched 365-day money-back guarantee.

Use the buttons below to select the mattress size you need

Financing available through PayPal -- Just use PayPal on Checkout.

Healthy Foundations 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Note: this is the mattress only and does not include the foundation. Most people can save $100s by reusing their current foundation (Click Here For Details)

Twin Size

In stock Guaranteed for one full year 39" x 75", 58lb
Ships in 2 - 3 business days

Twin Long Size

In stock Guaranteed for one full year 39" x 80", 62lb
Ships in 2 - 3 business days

Full Size

In stock Guaranteed for one full year 53" x 75", 82lb
Ships in 2 - 3 business days

Queen Size

In stock Guaranteed for one full year 60" x 80", 92lb
Ships in 2 - 3 business days

King Size

In stock Guaranteed for one full year 76" x 80", 125lb
Ships in 2 - 3 business days

Cal King Size

In stock Guaranteed for one full year 72" x 84", 124lb
Ships in 2 - 3 business days

Shipping: We are offering complimentary Shipping within the 48 Contiguous States in the U.S. on all our Memory Foam Mattresses.

Please note: Our Memory Foam Mattresses generally take 2 - 3 business days after you place your order to ship out of our warehouse. After being shipped from the warehouse in Florida, they take an additional 1 - 6 shipping days to be delivered by FedEx Ground, depending on the distance from the warehouse, to your home (2 - 3 additional shipping days, in general, to the East Coast and Midwest, and 5 - 6 additional shipping days to the West Coast).

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking information.

Questions? Or just want to talk with someone before placing an order? Call us toll free at 1-800-607-0340, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday.

Reviews Of Our 10" Memory Foam Mattress:

Back To 10" Memory Foam Mattress Pricing And Ordering

Back To 10" Memory Foam Mattress Pricing And Ordering

* Price Comparison is of Healthy Foundation 10" Memory Foam Mattress to the Tempur-Cloud® Supreme

This comparison is strictly a value comparison. That is, I looked at the different models in the Tempur-Pedic ® line, and the Tempur-Cloud® Supreme is the one with the specs that are almost identical to our mattress.

They both have similar amounts of "core" foam (6" for our 10" Memory Foam Mattress, 7" for the Tempur-Cloud® Supreme), and then 4" of memory foam on top with similar densities (a 2" layer of 5 lb density memory foam topped with a 2" layer of 4 lb density memory foam).

In terms of overall feel, I have no idea if these two mattresses would offer a similar level of firmness and cushion simply because I've never tested the Tempur-Cloud® Supreme over months of use as I did our 10" Memory Foam Mattress . And I suspect they may well be different in that Tempur-Pedic ® rates the Tempur-Cloud® Supreme as a soft mattress, where as our 10" Memory Foam Mattress gets pretty consistent ratings in our reviews as a firm mattress.

The bottom line is that due to the different feels of the memory foam used in our 10" Memory Foam Mattress and those used by Tempur-Pedic®, I don't believe that any of their line offers a similar feel to our mattress. It is really a matter of apples and oranges, and while both can be good, neither necessarily can be used as a comparison for the other.

Why People Buy From Us

What People Are Saying About Our Memory Foam Mattresses And Toppers:

"It's even better than we expected"

"My husband and I are thrilled with our Healthy Foundations mattress. We have had it through the winter and summer and find it perfectly comfortable in both hot and cold weather. We were afraid that the memory foam would be warm in the summer but that hasn't been the case at all. My husband has had severe back problems, to the extent that he was seeing a pain doctor and having back injections. I have suffered with hip pain for almost two years. My husband recently commented that he hasn't had back pain since we got our new mattress. My hip pain has also improved greatly. We are both so happy we found Healthy Foundation because we were not willing to pay the price to get a Tempur-pedic or Sleep Number Bed. We couldn't be happier with our decision."

Rose, Neenah, WI
August 5, 2015

5-star rated review

"Superior To The Tempurpedic"

"We slept on a Tempurpedic mattress for years but were put off by the price it came time to replace it. The Memory Foam web presentation was informative and persuasive, so we switched. We've had the Memory Foam for three or four months, and it is superior to the Tempurpedic."

Craig, Cornwall Bridge, CT
August 8, 2015

5-star rated review

"No more Back Pain!"

"We are very happy with our Healthy Foundations Mattress. We have tried several mattresses and this is the only one that eliminated waking up with a stiff/sore back or sore arms. Great purchase!"

Sleeping Well, MD
July 7, 2015

5-star rated review

"I Love My Topper."

"I love the way it turned my too hard mattress into a comfortable place to be. For me it is especially helpful for joint areas. I couldn't live without it."

Dixie, Austin, TX
February 5, 2015

5-star rated review

The #1 Rated Memory Foam Mattress And Topper Pads -- All Backed By Our Unmatched 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee.