Why Our Memory Foam Doesn’t Sleep Hot

Whether memory foam “sleeps hot” or not is a concern for many people. Memory foam has a reputation for sleeping hot, especially because the leading brand, Tempur-Pedic, is known for this. Since sleeping hot is something that is undesirable, some memory foam manufacturers have worked to eliminate this drawback.

Some manufacturers are infusing their memory foam with gel and claiming that it allows the memory foam to sleep cooler.  The problem with this claim is that it also allows the memory foam to sleep less like memory foam!  Gel-infused memory foam is stiffer and loses some of the memory foam qualities that you are seeking.  Gel-infused memory foam simply does not rate as well for comfort than memory foam that does not have gel.  It is for this reason that Healthy Foundations has stayed away from it.

Our mattress is made with an open cell construction that increases airflow by 95% and wicks away heat and moisture 3 times faster than traditional memory foam.  It is also covered with a CoolMax cover.  CoolMax is a Dupont product (now Invista) that is used on everything from athletic wear to mattresses.  Our returns for heat are just 1/2 of 1%, so “sleeping hot” is a non-issue with this memory foam.

At Healthy Foundations, we want you to be knowledgeable about your memory foam options no matter what or where you buy.  To learn more about memory foam, check out our Memory Foam Buyer’s Guide.

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