Memory Foam Mattress Intimacy

It is rare that we get this question, but people do have it. (Perhaps they are just embarrassed to ask.) The question is, “How well does intimacy work with a memory foam mattress?”

First of all, I find this question intriguing. Is there really any mattress (or surface) that is going to prevent people from being intimate? Is it really that difficult anywhere? Without going into details of mile-high clubs, the back seats of cars, and millions of other intimacy surfaces or surroundings, my first thought is to say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” but that isn’t even necessary with a memory foam mattress.  After many years and many thousands of memory foam mattresses sold, we have not heard this issue from customers or seen it in any reviews, until just now…

Yes, a customer just returned a memory foam mattress that he deemed was not working for “extracurricular activities.”  (And he wasn’t talking about bowling.)  This same customer went on to say that the Healthy Foundations 10″ Memory Foam Mattress was great for sleeping.  I was shocked and amused by this.  I bit my lip to keep my opinion to myself…  Really?  You say this mattress is great for sleeping, but you want to return it because you don’t think it works well for intimacy??  Apparently there are several things that could be in the works here:

  1.  This gentleman can sleep anywhere so having a great sleeping mattress doesn’t matter to him.
  2.  This gentleman is lacking in imagination.  (I would have plenty of other places to go before I would give up a great sleeping mattress.)
  3.   This gentleman has apparently never been on an old-school waterbed.  (Now that can get tricky!)

So what’s the bottom line here?  You have a full 365 days to return your mattress and you can return your mattress for any reason, so this unimaginative customer returned his comfy, great sleeping mattress to look for what he thinks is one more suited for intimacy.  As always, his return went without a hitch or any “gotchas” from us.

Another point:  Out of thousands of mattresses sold, this is the only one (to my knowledge) returned for being incompatible with intimacy, so memory foam mattresses are not just great for sleeping, they are great for intimacy too!

My final analysis…  Problem:  His wife was sleeping so well she didn’t want to wake up for intimacy anymore!  Solution:  Comfy memory foam mattress returned; back to the bed that keeps you awake; problem solved!



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