Is That Really a King Size Memory Foam Mattress?

Every now and then, we get a call from someone who thinks they have been sent the wrong size memory foam mattress because they lay it out on the foundation (still in the plastic) and it is too short and too narrow to be the size they ordered. I assure the customer to open it up and they will find that it does come back to size very quickly.  In fact, our memory foam mattress is at 90% of its full size and ready to use in just one hour.  You can put your mattress protector and sheets on it and use it at that time.  It will take an additional 24 – 48 hours for the mattress to be at 100%, but it will not harm the mattress (and you won’t know the difference) one hour after opening it.

So how is the mattress compressed?  Does it damage the foam?

Our memory foam mattress is vacuum compressed (air is sucked out of it) and rolled right before it is shipped.  This means it is not sitting around rolled up in a warehouse waiting to go out like some other mattresses.  Each one is vacuum compressed, rolled, and shipped right to your door via Fed Ex.  This process is not just a less expensive way to deliver the Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Mattress, it is actually a safer, more effective way to deliver the mattress.  Flat shipped mattresses have a much higher rate of damage from dirt and forklifts than mattresses that are vacuum compressed and shipped in a box.  Our mattresses are shipped damage-free via Fed Ex, all ready to open up and use in one hour.

To learn more about memory foam mattresses, check out our Guide to Memory Foam.

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