A New Cover for Our Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pad

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of years looking at covers for our memory foam mattress topper pads. And finally we’ve found one that we really like that works well with memory foam. The trick to getting the right cover is that you don’t want a cover that is too thick or has much quilting because that will impede the feel of the memory foam a bit. And since most people already have a thin, quilted mattress pad that they can use over the memory foam topper, we only wanted to carry a cover if it provided a real benefit over the standard, thin quilted covers.

The cover we have finally come up with does offer a number of benefits over the standard quilted mattress pad – and it is thin so it doesn’t interfere with the feel of the memory foam pad. The cover is actually a mattress protector, and made out of different layers so that it is still breathable. It is called the Platinum Protector Waterproof & Allergy-Free Mattress Pad, and it is made of thin layers of polyurethane film beneath a soft, thin cotton pile top (terrycloth). The Platinum Protector is great for people concerned about spills or liquids getting into the mattress, and also helps with allergy issues as well.

So far our customer response has been great – people really like how it feels and works. So now when buying one of our pads, we offer the option of buying it without a cover, or with the Platinum Protector pad.

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