Mattress Pads – How Important Are They in Protecting a Mattress?

Question: Mattress Pads – How Important Are They in Protecting a Mattress?

Answer: A good, high quality mattress pad can help protect your mattress in several ways. One of the most important protection measures a mattress pad can provide is to keep potential allergens at bay. Bacteria, mold, dust mites and other allergens that can penetrate a mattress can be difficult to remove and clean. A good mattress pad will help trap allergens before they get into a mattress – something critical for allergy sufferers.

A properly designed mattress pad can also provide protection in the event of a spill, incontinence and toddler bed wetting issues, or pet accidents. The bedroom is a popular place for these events. Some spills or accidents, without mattress pad protection, can be very difficult to clean off a mattress and, most often, render the mattress useless. A proper mattress pad will prevent a spill or accident from ruining your mattress since a mattress pad should provide a degree of absorption.

For these reasons, many people would like to use a mattress pad on their memory foam mattress. But you want to make sure you use the right type mattress pad with a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses require body heat to soften and contour the foam you’re laying on. Since heat transfer is critical for these types of mattresses, you want to avoid getting thicker beefed up mattress pads, that are typically stuffed with polyfill material, since they can block the transfer of your body’s heat to the memory foam.

So what type of mattress pad do we recommend to use with memory foam mattresses and toppers? We looked at a lot of different mattress pad options, and finally found the Platinum Mattress Protector pad that really works well with memory foam. That is because it is made of a thin, layered film that doesn’t block your body’s heat from getting into the memory foam. The Platinum Pad’s layered construction also makes it breathable and hypoallergenic as well as waterproof. And we really liked that the new layered construction doesn’t have that typical crinkly waterproof pad feel. It is machine washable, and will last through dozens of washings.

We have had tremendous success with this pad, and we really recommend it if you are concerned about allergy issues, spills, or just want to protect your memory foam mattress or topper pad.

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