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Most Frequently Asked Questions On Memory Foam:

  • What is the difference in memory foam density?

    The density of a memory foam doesn't tell you that much about a particular memory foam. All it can tell you for sure is the weight of a cube of that foam that is one foot in each dimension. So a 4 lb memory foam is one in which a one foot cube of this foam will weigh 4 lbs, a 5 lb memory foam's cube weighs 5 lbs, etc.

    But a memory foam's density doesn't tell you how the foam actually feels in terms of softness/firmness, how warm it sleeps (related to how open the memory foam's cells are), the conforming feel and quality of that foam, etc. ... See Rest Of This Post on Our Blog - What is the difference in memory foam density?

  • What exactly is in a Memory Foam Mattress? Is it made just of memory foam?

    I've found people new to memory foam mattresses often get confused as to what a memory foam mattress actually is. Some think the whole mattress is made of memory foam, and that isn't the case

    A typical memory foam mattress is made of layers of different foams -- the simplest has a 5" - 6" "core" of more traditional foam (standard polyurethane) that is the firm, supportive portion of the mattress (uses this instead of innersprings) with a layer of memory foam (2" - 4" or so usually) on top of this to provide a soft, conforming feel to the mattress. ... See Rest Of This Post on Our Blog - What exactly is in a Memory Foam Mattress? Is it made just of memory foam?

  • Memory Foam vs Gel? -- Why We Believe The Latest Generation Of Pure Memory Foam Is Superior To Gel Memory Foams

    Gel foams are hyped as the latest, greatest thing in sleep technology. But they are not pure gel -- they are in fact memory foams with some gel beads or gel liquid in them.

    And this gel makes the memory foam feel stiffer -- and to me, is a lot less comfortable than pure memory foam.

    So why do people think gel foam is superior to pure memory foam? It is because gel foam is said to sleep cooler than memory foam. ... See Rest Of This Post on Our Blog - Memory Foam vs Gel?

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