Why You Should Drink More Water: The Real Facts

Most people know they should drink at least eight to ten eight-ounce glasses of water each day. We keep hearing “Drink more water,” but here are some “cold, hard facts” from the American Institute For Cancer Research about why increasing your water intake is important.

1. Water helps your body get moving by helping to relieve dry mouth and by refreshing the rest of your body.

2. Water prevents a major role in preventing constipation. It encourages bowel movement and softens the stools.

3. Water moves food’s nutrients through our bodies and ensures that nutrients are available when we need them.

4. Instructions for many medicines are to take with water. Water helps to hurry medicine to where it is needed.

5. Plenty of water keeps your skin in good shape from the inside.

6. Our kidney system depends on water to help it work properly.

7. Athletes and coaches have long recognized that even mild dehydration can produce cramps and encourage poor performance.

8. More water is the first and foremost treatment when kidney stones occur. Drinking sufficient amounts of water can help prevent them.

9. Dehydration can be avoided by monitoring your water intake. Both mental and physical performance may be impaired with even mild dehydration.

10. Water helps in regulating temperature and in balancing electrolytes.

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