Memory Foam and Electric Blankets

From time to time, we get questions about the use of electric blankets and electric mattresses pads with our memory foam.

If someone would like to use an electric mattress pad with their memory foam mattress, we suggest just to turn it on for a while to warm up the bed, then turn it off. We do not recommend leaving it on all the time as it is unclear whether long term use of an electric mattress pad will harm the memory foam or not.

Electric blankets are different since they do not sit directly on the memory foam.  We feel that it is okay to use an electric blanket with your memory foam without harming the it.

When using either an electric blanket or electric mattress pad with memory foam, it is important to remember that memory foam is temperature sensitive.  This means that the use of an electric blanket or mattress pad will make your memory foam softer than it would be without additional heat.  This also means that the memory foam will be softer in a warmer environment than in a cooler environment.  This is true of the room temperature too.  The same exact memory foam will feel softer in a warmer room than it will in a cooler room.  Memory foam’s temperature sensitivity can allow you to adjust the temperature of your room to adjust the feel of your memory foam too.

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