Memory Foam Mattresses Can Range From Super Soft to Firm

We get the question about the firmness of memory foam quite often. Memory foam mattresses can be super soft, where you sink way in and may even feel like you can’t roll over. Memory foam mattresses can also be firm, where you sink in just slightly and have firm base foams for support.

If you do not want to sink into the foam at all, then a memory foam mattress is not for you.  Memory foam is supposed to sink in and conform to your body’s shape.  That is what makes it so comfortable and reduces pressure points.  (Look into 100% all-natural latex if you want a comfortable mattress that you do not sink into.)

There is no universal standard for mattress firmness designations.  Each manufacturer or company describes their own mattress in the way it sees fit.  The feel of a mattress is very subjective too.  What one person thinks is too soft, another may think is too firm.  Our own memory foam mattress returns show this subjectivity.  In terms of memory foam, we rate our mattress as a medium firm to firm, but our returns run about 50/50 for those who say it was too soft for them and those who say it is too hard.  That gets us to the most important factor when it comes to how a mattress feels…

No one can decide if a mattress is right for them by lying on it in a store.  That is why a money-back trial is so important when buying any mattress.  We recommend at least a 90-day money-back trial to make sure a mattress works for you over time in your own home.  Our money-back trial is 365 days, but 90 days is the minimum we recommend.  Make sure it is a true money-back trial.  Stay away from store credits, exchanges, and “comfort” guarantees (tricky way of saying store credit).  If a mattress doesn’t work for you, you want to be able to get your money back and shop elsewhere if necessary.

So whether you want a super soft memory foam mattress or a firm one, understand that firmness is subjective and a personal choice.  Read the manufacturer’s description and then read the reviews to see what other customers say to get a general idea of the firmness.  After that, make sure you have at least 90 days to know if the choice you made is the right one.  To learn more about memory foam mattresses and memory foam in general, check out our Memory Foam Mattress Buyer’s Guide.

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