Dump the “Memory Foam Sleeps Hot” Myth

We get a lot of questions about whether or not memory foam sleeps hot. Some people even stay away from memory foam because they think it sleep hot. Memory foam is temperature sensitive. The heat of your body helps it conform to your body’s shape and reduce pressure points, making it extremely comfortable.  Memory foam will be firmer in a cooler room than it will be in a warmer room.  Leave a memory foam pillow in a cold car overnight and it will feel like a brick.  (I have done that.)

So does memory foam’s temperature sensitivity mean that it will sleep hot and you will be uncomfortable?  For some memory foam mattresses, this may be the case, but newer technology has allowed memory foam to be temperature sensitive without being too hot. Even the leading brand is finally getting a clue and has added a cooler mattress to its line.

Our memory foam mattress is made with an open cell construction that increases air flow 95% over traditional memory foam and wicks away heat and moisture three times faster than traditional memory foam.  In addition, our mattress is covered with CoolMax, a product by Invista used in everything from athletic wear to mattresses.  CoolMax also helps to wick away heat and moisture, ensuring a cool, comfortable sleep.

To learn more about our Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Mattress, check out our memory foam mattress page.

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