Why a Memory Foam Topper Can’t Fix a Worn Out Mattress

Occasionally, we talk to people who are looking for a memory foam topper to “fix” their old, worn-out mattress. Unfortunately, a memory foam topper isn’t a magic wand that can fix a mattress that is past its useful life. A mattress that is worn-out and has dips, sags, or lumps should be replaced. So what is a memory foam topper for then?

A memory foam topper is designed to make a too-firm mattress softer, more comfortable, and reduce pressure points.  It is for people whose mattress is just too firm, but is not past its usable life.  If a memory foam topper is placed on top of a mattress with dips, sags, or lumps, it will just follow those flaws and the mattress/memory foam topper combo will still be uncomfortable.

The quality of memory foam toppers can vary widely and so can the price.  Just like with memory foam mattresses, there is a lot of junk out there, so it is important to do your homework and look at the reviews of a memory foam topper, as well as its warranty and the company’s longevity and reputation.  We want people to be as informed about their memory foam choices as they can be.  To learn more about memory foam, check out our Memory Foam Buyer’s Guide.

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