A Memory Foam Topper for Your Dorm Room Mattress

Every year around this time, we get inquiries from parents and grandparents looking for memory foam toppers for students going off to college in the fall, usually for the first time. (Funny how it is rarely the student we hear from, but we do know who is usually paying the bills, don’t we?)  Sometimes the colleges even recommend bring a memory foam topper to school when the student arrives.  Despite what the colleges may recommend, we do not recommend this. Here’s why…

We do not recommend buying a memory foam topper for a dorm room mattress until after trying the mattress.  A memory foam topper will not help a mattress that is too soft.  It will also not help if the mattress has dips, lumps or sags.  A memory foam topper will help with a mattress that is too firm, but is in good condition.  With a mattress that is too soft, it will only make the mattress softer.  With a mattress with lumps, dips, or sags, the memory foam topper will follow those imperfections and still be uncomfortable.  It is my recommendation that if a mattress is too soft and/or has lumps, dips, or sags, that you first ask to see if you can be provided a replacement mattress.  With as much money as college costs, they owe you that much!  If the mattress is in good condition, but is just too firm and uncomfortable, then go ahead and shop for a memory foam topper.  If you buy one online, like on our site, you can have it shipped directly to the student.

So please take our advice and check out your college dorm room mattress before spending money on a memory foam topper.  If the mattress is too firm, but in good condition, go ahead and buy a memory foam topper for it.  If it is too soft or in poor condition, ask for a new mattress and save your money for books or late night pizza.  Good luck and work hard!

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