Using A Memory Foam Mattress Topper with an Adjustable Bed

We had this question the other day about using our memory foam mattress topper pad on an adjustable bed.



I have a special adjustable bed, and it’s a full size, extra length

My questions are:

1) Is your topper appropriate for an adjustable bed?

2) Can you cut me a special size to fit my bed?

3) What is the best thickness for me & my special bed?”


Our memory foam mattress topper pads work well on adjustable beds. They are soft and pliable so they bend easily with the movement of the adjustable bed. We have had a lot of customers buy our topper to use on their adjustable beds and heard back that the pads worked out great.

We aren’t, however, able to cut our pads to a special size. The pads are precut in standard bed sizes, so we don’t have the ability to do custom sizes. Often, though, a twin long will work fine on an adjustable bed.

Lastly, its hard to recommend which thickness you might need. In general, 2″ works well for most people, but if you are over 185 lbs or so you may want to go with a 3″ pad – especially if the adjustable bed is pretty firm.

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