Can our Memory Foam Topper Pad be Used on a Futon

Once in awhile we get a question on whether our memory foam mattress topper pad would work well on a futon. Here’s a question on this we got today:


“I own a futon that’s just too uncomfortable for me but works fine for my husband. Do you have any idea if the toppers work on futons or if it’s simply not the right base for them?”


A memory foam topper would work on a futon, but in general I recommend that the better fix is getting a new futon rather than our topper pad. The real problem is that your futon has become compressed and hard. – and the only way to really fix this is to get a new futon. Putting a topper on the futon will make it more comfortable, but it is really putting a Band-Aid on the real problem. Given the relative cost of our topper pad, I just think you would be better off spending your money on getting a new futon that was comfortable – you will be addressing the real issue and saving money in the long run.

When you are looking for a new futon, it really does pay to get the best quality one possible. I recommend getting one with a dense foam core so it won’t compress as readily (1.8 lb density foam or better). These do cost more than just the standard, inexpensive futon that comes with a futon couch, but these upgraded futon pads are really worth the extra money – they will last a lot longer, won’t compress nearly as much and become rock hard, and are much more comfortable to sleep on.

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