Picking the Right Thickness for Your Memory Mattress Topper Pad

One of our most frequently asked questions about buying a memory foam mattress topper pad is:

“Will a 2″ pad work for me, or do I need to get a 3″ or even thicker memory foam mattress toppper pad?”

Here is our answer from our Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pad Information Page:


Memory foam mattress topper pads come in a variety of thicknesses – from 1″ pads all the way up to 4″ and beyond. After trying out a number of pads and thicknesses, I really feel that the 2″ thickness is the sweet spot. It really gives most people the benefits of a memory foam pad (better sleep, less aches and pains, etc) and at an affordable price. A 3″ pad is somewhat more luxurious and provides even more cushioning, but there is a trade-off in that you sink in deeper and lose some support for your back. And while the price for a 3″ has come down a lot over the years, you still pay a bit of a premium for the 3″. I would suggest a 3″ for someone who is a bit heavier (for women over 165 or so, for men over 185 or so), or if you are really looking for a soft, luxurious feel. As for 4″ or even thicker pads, I just think this is overkill. If you need this much cushioning, you may just really need a whole new bed.

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