Your Memory Foam Mattress – How Long Will it Last

Question: Your Memory Foam Mattress – How Long Will it Last?

Answer: There’s alot of skepticism out there with consumers regarding mattresses and how long they’ll actually be supportive and comfortable before breaking down over time. Cheaper pillow top and foam mattresses can break down after only several months to a few years, with the customer being stuck with the mattress either because of a bad or non-existent manufacturer’s warranty or a poorly defined return policy from the retailer. We hear this quite a bit from potential customers. We’re consumers ourselves, and really wanted to find a product that can stand the test of time, while offering an extremely fair manufacturer’s warranty and generous customer trial period. Our mattress, the 10″ memory foam mattress, truly fit the bill for what we wanted to present to our customers. The manufacturer of our mattress performs high pressure, long term roll tests with 330 lb press rollers, simulating 20 years of use. The memory foam and core foam layers of our mattress react to the stress of the test extremely well, barely showing compression (less than 1/4″ remaining compression) issues from the pressure testing. Because of this and the high quality foams and fabric used in the composition of our mattress, the manufacturer offers a 10 year, non-prorated warranty. Because of our success with selling the mattress, we’ve been able to extend our no questions asked money back trial period to a full year (we’ve been offering this for about a year now). Basically, a combination that is unmatched (at least that we’ve seen) in the industry.

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