Can you be too heavy for a memory foam mattress?

Question: Can you be too heavy for a memory foam mattress?

Answer: This is a question we get pretty often. We generally recommend our memory foam mattress for those up to 250 lbs. Our mattress’s memory foam layers were put together to cushion up to these weights, but may not have enough cushion for those over 250.

If you are set on getting memory foam and weigh over 250, you may instead want to consider mattresses using denser memory foams (5 lb or higher memory foam). While these higher density memory foams have a somewhat firmer feel than the memory foam we carry, it provides the kind of density higher weights require. And you may want to go for a bit more thickness as well – maybe 4 – 5 inches of memory foam if possible.

Another option would be to go for a dense mattress like an all-natural latex. This would not necessarily have the cushy feel of a memory foam mattress, but the latex is very resilient and supportive and would work well for heavier weights. If you are interested in the latex option, check out our natural latex mattress buyer’s guide for in-depth information on what to look for when buying a latex mattress.

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