What Our Shopping.com Rating and Testimonials Mean


Shopping.Com – Why We Use Their Consumer Testimonial Database For Our Web Business


Shopping.Com’s testimonial database, powered by Epinions, is a trusted, well known source for unbiased reviews of consumer’s shopping and product experiences with a given retailer. Because of the nature of our business, in which our products are offered strictly on-line (no ability for the consumer to try out our products prior to purchase), we really needed a mechanism for consumers to be able to review honest and unbiased testimonials of our products. Also, we wanted customers to see reviews based on customer service experiences that our past customers have had. We take pride in our customer service, and really try to differentiate ourselves from other web retailers in this area.

We currently have a 5 Star rating and Trusted Store status with Shopping.Com, which is extremely hard to achieve and maintain, due to the constant stream of reviews that come in from consumers. We are extremely proud of this, and strive to keep our product and customer service quality at levels consumers expect from a prospective retailer.

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