Another Great Shopping.Com Mattress Testimonial

We loved this one. It addresses both the quality of our customer service, and the quality and comfort of our mattress.

“We are completely satisfied with the purchase of our mattress. We did a lot of research and we made the right choice. I have always been a poor sleeper and I have to say I am already seeing a big difference after a couple of weeks. I threw out my back right after we got the mattress and the only place I feel good is when I am in bed. I made one call to the company and spoke with Brian. He was fantastic and provided me with guidance on what style of beds to lay on, which are offered by their major competitor, to get a feel for what the Healthy Foundatations mattress would feel like. He even said it didn’t do him any good to try and sell us something that wouldn’t make us happy. He also explained the return policy and I especially like the fact that if you did return the mattress, they give them away to shelters. We purchased our mattress and it was at our home 2 days later. It took 5 minutes for the mattress to come to size and the smell was gone within 24 hours and wasn’t too bad to begin with. I will recommend this mattress to everyone I know. Their service is wonderful and so is their product. I wish there were more companies who did business like this. WAY TO GO HEALTHY FOUNDATIONS!!!

Peaceful, painfree sleeper in Virginia” (5 Star Shopping.Com Review, Healthy Foundations Shopper, 11/23/2007)

For more information on our mattress, see our Memory Foam Mattress Page.

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