Another Great Shopping.Com Testimonial On Our Memory Foam Mattress

Here’s a new review that we thought was nice and we wanted to share it with you:

“Healthy Foundations has outstanding customer service! I was amazed at the quick return emails I received from Brian answering all my questions with detailed explanations. I received my mattress in under a week and it was extremely easy to set up. I noticed absolutely no smell at all. I bought this mattress in hopes of elimating low back pain from sleeping. I previously could not sleep more than 6 hours without waking up to low back pain (due to herniated discs). It took about a week to adjust to the new memory foam, but I am happy to say that I have been sleeping much better, sounder, and most of all longer. I haven’t been waking to the back pain as before. I purchased this mattress in hopes of improving my overall sleep and was a bit skeptical at first. Knowing I could return the mattress if I wasn’t satisfied is what help me decided to give it a go. As of today about 3 weeks or so of sleeping on the mattress I don’t think I will even want to return it. So far I believe it has been a reasonable and good investment into one third of my life (sleeping)! Thanks Healthy Foundations! For all you skeptics, go for it, you have nothing to loose!” Sandy in Daytona Beach, FL

For more information on our mattress, see our Memory Foam Mattress Page.

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