Bed History

The blog, History of the Bed, was written by “guest” in 2009.  Since it doesn’t site any references, I don’t know how accurate it is, but it is fun to read.

Here are a few comments on my favorite “bed history facts” from the article:

10,000 years ago, in the Neolithic period, people began sleeping on primitive beds made of branches.  Nowadays, this is what humans do when they are shipwrecked, stranded in the wilderness, or on a “reality” TV show…

In the 18th century, cast iron beds (similar to what we think of as a bed now) were designed and people were glad to have a sleeping space that bugs weren’t as attracted to.

In 1900 William Lawrence Murphy invented the Murphy Bed – a bed that folded into a wardrobe.  I love Murphy Beds!  What a great space saving idea for guests!

In the 1960s the water bed was developed and adjustable beds became popular.  I have tried a water bed on occasion, but did not care for the movement of them.

In the 1980s, air beds were introduced.  The air bed is a fabulous invention and we have a guide to picking an air bed if you click on one of the above links.

In 1999 the king sized bed became the most popular bed in the U.S.  How on Earth did my parents sleep in a full size bed for the first 25 years of their marriage? (My mom says she was curled up in a bottom corner…)  I love my king size bed!

Whether accurate or not, it is interesting to think about how our bed choices have evolved through the years.