Chronic Pain and Your Relationship

Denise Mann of penned the article Is chronic pain ruining your relationship? which hits the nail on the head for me.  Like the woman in the article, I have suffered from chronic pain for many years.

The article introduces us to Athena Champneys, age 37, who was in such chronic pain from fibromyalgia that she couldn’t bend over to put on her own socks and shoes.  Her husband didn’t get it and thought she should just deal with it.  Ms. Mann points out that many partners of those in chronic pain simply do not understand.  Some even think the symptoms are exaggerated or even doubt whether the pain is real or not.  Athena’s husband, Adam, says, “She was in her 30s, but it was like taking care of an 80-year-old grandma.”  Obviously this would cause a strain on any relationship.

Those with chronic pain or illnesses need support and understanding from their partner.  One of the things that can help this along is sharing information about your illness with your partner and bringing him or her along to your medical appointments.  I personally shared medical literature about my conditions with everyone close to me including close colleagues, my boss, and my family and friends.  It did help them to understand the things I dealt with on a daily basis.

One thing that is important for those in chronic pain is to get enough rest and to sleep in a comfortable bed.  Three beds that are recognized as being extremely comfortable are the memory foam mattress, the air bed, and the natural latex mattress.  You can learn more about each by clicking on their links.