Spring Mattresses versus Latex Mattresses and Memory Foam Mattresses

In the blog, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spring Mattress, Latex Mattress And Memory Foam Mattress, the blogger, simply listed as “Bedroom,” offers to sum up the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mattress listed.

Although it’s true that many spring mattresses these days do offer a zero transfer feature (you can move without disturbing your bed partner), that’s about it for the spring mattress keeping up with the times.  If you are looking for true comfort, you need to take a look at memory foam and latex mattresses.

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A Natural Latex Mattress or A Memory Foam Mattress?

I see this question quite a bit on the web.  Should you choose a natural latex mattress or a memory foam mattress?  It’s the biggest question since Ginger or MaryAnne or Freddy versus Jason.  The problem with the memory foam mattress versus natural latex mattress question is that the only one who can answer it is you.  It’s just like Ginger or MaryAnne – both are great, it’s just a matter of preference.  (Freddy versus Jason can have an actual winner, but who knows who that would really be?)

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Natural Latex Mattress: Look for 100% Natural Latex

Many people are turning to all-natural latex as their mattress of choice. Sure, you want natural latex for its comfort and its 100% botanical qualities, but how can you be sure you are getting 100% all-natural latex?  You have to do your homework and you have to ask the hard questions.  Here’s why:

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Latex Mattress or Memory Foam Mattress: Which is the Best Choice?

You can frequently see the question, which is better, a latex mattress or a memory foam mattress?  This isn’t a question that can really be answered — It’s like asking a truck guy which is better Ford or Chevy?  The answer comes down to personal preference.

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Our Latex Mattress and Air Bed Buying Guides

Get the low down on latex mattresses and air beds with Healthy Foundations’ latex mattress and air bed buyers’ guides.

Every year we go to specialty sleep shows and check out the latest trends in the specialty sleep market. While we have concentrated on our niche, memory foam, I have spent a lot of time looking at latex mattresses and air beds as well. Both latex mattresses and air beds are rising niches in bedding, and they both have some distinctive points to offer. Latex mattresses have become very popular in Europe and are slowly gaining speed in the US. Latex offers a very resilient core to a bed, and lasts virtually forever. I like the feel of latex, and I’ve seen some beds using a latex core with memory foam on the top that are very nice. The downside of latex? Very pricey.

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Natural Latex Mattress Benefits

Thinking about a new mattress?  Tired of tossing and turning and sleeping in that crater in the middle of your innerspring bed?  Perhaps you are thinking about a memory foam mattress or an all natural latex mattress.  Both are great choices, but today I’m going to talk a little bit about natural latex mattresses.

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Exercise: Sleep’s Best Friend

Want to sleep better? Who doesn’t? It’s funny how our ancestors never had trouble sleeping.  People used to walk places, work in the fields, do manual labor… Now we have machines to do all that and save us time, yet many people still say they don’t have time to exercise.

Research shows that even small increases in exercise, like a daily half-hour walk, can improve your sleep and your health.  The one caveat to this is that you should not exercise close to your bed time.  That will actually make it difficult to wind down and to fall asleep.

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A Memory Foam Mattress is the Most Comfortable Mattress

A memory foam mattress is the most comfortable mattress…

So says the meta-site SleepLiketheDead.com and its summary of reviews and ratings of the top rated mattress types.  In this review (http://www.sleeplikethedead.com/bed-mattress-review-home.html), memory foam mattresses rate the highest with an overall owner satisfaction rating of 81%.  Latex mattress are a close second at 80%, and traditional innerspring mattresses are the lowest rated mattress for comfort at just 63%.  In this summary, SleepLiketheDead uses a sampling to make its determination, using over 6000 samples for the innerspring and memory foam results and just over 1000 for the latex results.  According to the site, their mattress data is based on “20,356 Owner Experiences Gathered From 948 Sources.”  So is this perfectly accurate?  It’s hard to say as this type of sampling is not an exact science, but, using this site’s sampling method, it is clear that memory foam is widely considered the most comfortable mattress.

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How to Select a Latex Mattress

A came across this blog, Your Guideline On How To Select Latex Mattress, but it really leaves a lot to be desired.  One thing the blog does have spot-on, however, is the fact that the popularity of latex mattresses is on the rise.

One thing that I find that irks me is when a writer uses the terms “latex mattress” and “natural latex mattress” interchangeably.  Up to eighty percent of latex mattresses are synthetically made using unnatural petrochemicals.  If you want a true natural latex mattress, you need to make sure that your natural latex mattress is 100% natural and botanically derived.

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Quality Sleep: One of the Keys to Quality Sleep is a Great Mattress

Many of us do not get enough sleep.  Experts say that most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep and that getting less than six hours of sleep can bring on negative side effects to one’s health.  There is a lot of information out there about improving sleep, so let’s take a look at a few tips for sleeping better.

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