Air Bed or Memory Foam Mattress?

An older blog by Kategorilenmemis, Memory Foam or Air Mattress?,  seeks to provide answers about which will be better for you – a memory foam mattress or an air bed.  The answer to this question depends on your personal preference, but there are a few things that the author points out that are worth emphasizing.

Both memory foam and air beds minimize pressure points on your body when you sleep on them.  This is what makes them both more comfortable than a traditional mattress, which does not relieve pressure points or conform to your body’s shape.

A memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive and adjusts to your body’s contours using the heat of your body to determine how it molds to your body.  The memory foam, as the name suggests, memorizes your shape and adjusts to it as necessary.  Memory foam returns to its original shape as you move or change positions.  This doesn’t happen instantly but as the memory foam adjusts to your body’s heat.

An air bed also adjusts to the contours of your body as the air in the mattress is displaced to the areas of the mattress with less pressure exerted on them.  Because this is not based on the air bed’s reaction to your body’s heat, it happens more quickly than with a memory foam mattress.  A quality air bed will allow the user to adjust each side independently so that each bed partner can select his or her own firmness comfort level.

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