A Few Memory Foam Mattress Terms You Should Know

Shopping for a memory foam mattress can be tough sometimes.  There are a lot of unfamiliar terms that can sometimes seem confusing.  Here are a few terms that can help you during your memory foam mattress search:

Mattress Core – This is the basic core of the mattress.  In the case of a memory foam mattress, it is the core foam that the memory foam is layered on plus the cover or ticking.  The cover or ticking is the outside of the mattress.  On a memory foam mattress, it is a zippered cover rather than a sewn ticking.

Comfort Guarantee – A comfort guarantee is basically a store credit. You can return your mattress within a certain time frame, but you do not get your money back. You must use the store credit to purchase another mattress at that store.  You may also see this called a “comfort return policy.”

Money-Back Guarantee – A money-back guarantee means that if you return your mattress within the specified time frame, you can get your money returned to you and not just get a store credit. (Always read the fine print to make sure you are really getting a true money-back guarantee.)

At Healthy Foundations, we want you to learn as much about memory foam as you can before you make a purchase.  To learn everything you need to know, check out our Guide to Memory Foam.