Memory Foam Mattresses: How to Find the Perfect One

We spend about one-third of our lives in bed yet some people only spend ten minutes in a store lying down on a mattress before they decide to spend a third of their life sleeping on it!  In fact, in the article Find the Perfect Bed Mattress, the author actually recommends to “lie down together with your partner for at least 10 minutes, in positions that you normally sleep in.”  The last time I checked, most people sleep more than 10 minutes at a time and they certainly don’t sleep in a warm noisy store with all the lights on!

So how do you find the memory foam mattress (or any mattress) that is perfect for you.  It’s quite simple, really.  You have to try your mattress at home for an extended period.  We recommend no less than 180 days.  If the mattress doesn’t work for you, you should be able to return it and get your money back.  Don’t settle for store credits or “comfort” guarantees (tricky way to say store credit).  This means you don’t get your money back and you have to settle for some other mattress at the same store.  With a true money-back guarantee, you can take your money and go to another store if you need to.

The bottom line:  Find your perfect memory foam mattress with an in-home trial of at least 180 days and a money-back guarantee.  At Healthy Foundations, we offer you 365 days for you to try your memory foam mattress at home.  If you don’t like it, you can return it.  We want you to be as informed about your mattress options as possible.  To learn everything you need to know about memory foam, check out our Guide to Memory Foam.