Memory Foam Mattress: The Absolute Only Way to Know if a Memory Foam Mattress is Right for You

Have you been thinking about buying a memory foam mattress?  Maybe you’d like to try one but you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like it.  Is there one hard and fast way to know if a memory foam mattress will work for you?  Fortunately, there is.

I came across an article entitled Best Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide which is one person’s attempt at guiding memory foam mattress purchasers into making the right memory foam decision.  The writer means well, but there is one rule she missed — the in-home trial for an extended period.  This author says you should test a memory foam mattress for at least 30 days in your own home.  I insist that the in-home trial should be at least 180 days.

That’s the one hard fast rule for knowing if a memory foam mattress is right for you.  You have to try it in your own home for at least 180 days.  If it doesn’t work for you, you need to be able to get your money back.  Do not accept a store credit or “comfort” guarantee (same thing as a store credit).  With a store credit or comfort guarantee, you could be out a lot of money and still not have a mattress that works for you.

At Healthy Foundations, we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee on our memory foam mattresses.  Before you make a mattress purchase, we want you to be as informed about your options as possible.  Check out our buyer’s guides for latex mattresses, air beds, and, of course, memory foam mattresses.