Memory Foam Mattress – Why 365-Days in Your Home is the Best Trial

A few years back, writer, Cathy Alter, spent the night in a mattress store and shared her night in a Washingtonian article entitled Finding the Perfect Mattress. During her night at the mattress store, Ms. Alter spent up to 90 minutes on each mattress. This is a fun concept for an article, and better than the quick in-store trial in a well broken-in bed that most people get, but sleeping in a store in a strip mall isn’t going to cut it either.

So what’s the best way to try out a mattress? With an in-home trial of at least 90 days – and with a true money-back guarantee – not a store credit or “comfort” guarantee, which is also just a fancy way of staying store credit. Do not buy a mattress without a trial period of at least 90 days and a true money-back guarantee. You don’t want to be out of luck if a store does not have a mattress that works for you. It happens.  Unfortunately, we have had people come to us after trying multiple mattresses in a store and never finding one that worked for them. They were out of luck, out their money, and still didn’t have a mattress that worked for them.

At Healthy Foundations, we want you to find the mattress that works best for you. We have a 365-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee so you can try our memory foam mattress or memory foam topper pad at home and decide if it does indeed work for you. You can read about our 365-day money-back guarantee here.

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