Memory Foam Mattresses: Perceived Issues with Memory Foam are Myths

Maybe you have been thinking about buying a memory foam mattress.  Perhaps you’d like to try one, but you hear about issues with memory foam, like it sleeps hot or it smells.  It’s unfortunate that a few memory foam myths can scare people away from such a comfortable mattress, so I’m here to set the record straight.

The article Top Eight Problems With Memory Foam Mattress prompted me to write this blog.  The author lists eight things that he sees as problems with memory foam mattresses.  He obviously doesn’t know much about memory foam, because everything on his list is just a “rumor mill” problem and not an actual issue with quality memory foam mattresses.

Rather than address each of these supposed eight problems with memory foam individually, I’m going to steer you to a place that will answer all your memory foam questions and put these myths to rest.  Check out Healthy Foundations’ Guide to Memory Foam.

Although Healthy Foundations sells memory foam, we want you to be as informed about your mattress choices as possible. That is why we created our online buyer’s guides.  Check our our buyer’s guides for air beds and latex mattresses to learn about each of those specialty mattresses too.