Memory Foam Mattresses: How Much Memory Foam Equals a Memory Foam Mattress?

Are you thinking about buying a memory foam mattress?  Memory foam mattresses are very comfortable and very durable.  Maybe you are confused by how much memory foam should be in a memory foam mattress and how much memory foam is needed for a mattress to truly be called a memory foam mattress.  Some mattresses have small amounts of memory foam in them.  Are these mattresses considered to be memory foam mattresses?  How much memory foam is needed before a mattress is indeed a memory foam mattress?

Many mattresses do use memory foam in small quantities. This does not mean the mattress is indeed a memory foam mattress. In order for a mattress to be considered a memory foam mattress and have actual memory foam qualities, the main component of the sleep surface of the mattress should be memory foam. At least three inches of memory foam should be used to create a true memory foam mattress.

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