Memory Foam Mattresses: Great Sleep and Durable too!

Is it time for a new mattress?  Tired of tossing and turning or falling into that crater in the middle of that old innerspring mattress?  Maybe you’re thinking about a memory foam mattress and you’d like to learn more.  Read on…

A memory foam mattress is very comfortable.  It is temperature sensitive which means that it uses your body’s heat to mold to every contour of your body.  This reduces pressure points and the need to toss and turn to stay comfortable.  Once you do change positions, the memory foam “remembers” its original shape and then gently settles in to your new sleeping position.

Memory foam is extremely durable too.  To ensure you are choosing a quality memory foam mattress, look for one with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.  To make sure a memory foam mattress is the right mattress for you, make sure you can try it in your own home for at least 180 days and get your money back if it isn’t right for you.  Skip the retailers with store credits and “comfort” guarantees (same thing as a store credit).  These can leave you out a lot of money and without a mattress that works for you.  I have to agree with reviewers that say memory foam is the most comfortable mattress (at 81% as compiled by meta-site SleepLiketheDead), but their durability makes them cost effective in the long haul too.

At Healthy Foundations, we sell memory foam mattresses, but we also offer buyer’s guides for air beds and natural latex mattresses too.