Memory Foam: A Memory Foam Topper Pad May Be Right For You

Perhaps you have a fairly new mattress (five years or less) that isn’t as comfortable as you’d like.  Maybe it’s in good condition, but you just don’t like the way it feels.  Are you destined to sleep uncomfortably or spend money replacing a relatively new bed?  Not necessarily.  Here’s why…

A memory foam mattress topper may be just what you need to make your current mattress more comfortable.  Full Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers points out some reasons why a memory foam topper pad may be right for you.  Although a memory foam mattress topper can make a relatively new mattress more comfortable, it’s not a substitute for a new mattress if your current mattress is old and worn out.  If you current mattress is more than five years old and/or has dips, sags, or lumps, a memory foam mattress pad is not going to help it.  In the case of an old or worn out mattress, replacement of the mattress is the answer.  In that case, skip the memory foam mattress topper and think about a new memory foam mattress.

Bottom line:  If you have a mattress that is five years or newer and in relatively good condition, but could be more comfortable, a memory foam mattress topper pad may be right for you.  If your mattress is older than five years and not in good condition, a topper cannot fix it.

At Healthy Foundations, we sell memory foam, but we want you to be as informed about your mattress choices as possible.  In addition to our Guide to Memory Foam, check out our buyer’s guides for air beds and natural latex mattresses.